this is my tribute video for a true hero, Mike Wazowski

Mike suffered from explosive limb syndrome as well as weak ankles, causing him to constantly fall over

despite this, Mike managed to continue doing his dream job, entertaining thousands of children 5 nights a week during the winter months

sadly, Mike Wazowski passed away earlier last year

rest in peace, Mike

you can have all the spoons you want in heaven, now.


this is why i shouldn’t be allowed around technology

my favourite part about mike wazowski takes a fall 2008 is the fact that when he falls over nobody bothers to help him up

2 guys walk over and it looks like they’re going to help but they just stand there watching him struggle around on the floor like an upside down turtle

and then a security guard walks over and u think “oh thank goodness a figure of authority to help poor mike wazowski back to his feet”

but nope the guard just shoos away the other 2 guys and then stands there staring at poor mike as well

at least in mike wazowski falls on stage :( everyone helps him back up and he keeps on dancing like nothing went wrong to begin with

mike wazowski takes a fall 2008 is tragic

he just lies there