Another preview of the Hic & Hoc anthology, Unknown Origins & Untimely Ends — which is being released tomorrow at Floating World Comics! Mike Roy’s story begins right here in Portland, where the infamous D.B. Cooper boarded a plane before hijacking it, demanding a ransom, and then parachuting away with the money, never to be seen again.

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Today is my daughter Ella’s 2nd birthday! Some time right around her birth I started singing this “Aye ya ya ya” tune over and over… I think Eileen and I were a both a bit overwhelmed with our older two kids, knowing a third was about to arrive, so it was sort of a stabilizing chant for me, i think. Anyhow, when Mariella Mae was born it didn’t take long for that little melody to grow into a song. It’s not quite finished, but I haven’t had the inspiration to get it there just yet. Here’s a version of it I recorded back in Feb of this year.

Happy Birthday my sweet girl!

ps. I can definitely site Caetano Veloso’s version of Cucurrucucu Paloma from the film “Talk to Her” as a major influence. What an incredible performance from a true master! It gets me every time! http://youtu.be/-CsA1CcA4Z8


‘Marvel Superheroes Summer 2016 Collection’ from Castle Galleries in the UK.

The collection of 6 covers are all signed by Stan Lee and are available as 27.5" x 40" boxed canvas limited editions of 195 for £995 each and as framed 16.5" x 24" giclée prints on paper in limited editions of 295 for £695 each.

They’re also available as a set of six, with presentation packaging, with the framed giclée prints on paper for £3995 and the boxed canvas editions for £5750.

Go here to buy.

Mike: Guys, I need help. Allison is trying to eat me and I’m terrified. 

Roy: -chuckles- Mike’s calling for help again. Think we should go?

Chet: You’re funny Roy. He’s on his own. Maybe next time he’ll learn to feed her lunch!

*30 minutes later*

Mike: Yes, I survived the sandwich thank you for asking!