|| Even Frank Gallo gets it 

I’ve been quite long enough. There is something Weird with Gina’s reaction when they give the verdict it’s just Odd and Off Brand I think?? Or maybe it’s just like such a Shock that she’s thrown off her Gina Game but it’s such an unexpected action? Like she immediately turns to Amy and puts her hand on Amy’s shoulder and for some reason that’s what really gets me almost?? I don’t understand why though? Especially because Gina is not someone who puts others before her so perhaps this just shows the Real Gina, that she really does love her 99 family and they are so important to her? Perhaps she can relate to Amy because she loves Jake like a brother and Amy loves Jake so Gina is just so taken aback by what happened that she goes and does such an unexpected thing?? I DONT KNOW!!! It’s been bothering me I just want to understand WHY she did what she did