“River would just start playing these tribal rhythms on guitar, and he’d so into a trance, says Parker, who frequently joined in on a drum machine. “We’d play these amazing jams that would last for three hours without stopping. River loved it. He would shut his eyes and just go on for hours like nothing else around him mattered at all.” (Cosmopolitan, 1995)

River and My Own Private Idaho co-star Mike Parker photographed by Bruce Weber, 1991.

‘’We went to a park here in Portland that overlooks the entire city. We sat there on the grass talking. Then we went down to where the bars are, the corners where the kids hang out. We talked the entire day. I grabbed a piece of my gut and gave it to him. One of the reasons I opened up to him is that I felt he did understand and felt how I did - not the same way, but the pain.’’ — [Mike talking about River].


Mike Parker - Untitled

“Light and Dark Part Four”, Light and Dark, 2002