Mike Parker, ‘Godfather’ of Helvetica font dies

Mike Parker died at age 84 and offered up something to the world we see almost every day. The man designed the Helvetica font and offered up an easier to read type font for the world to use. According to CNN on Thursday, Mike Parker was 84 when he died.

The man was the subject of a 2007 documentary about type fonts and gave people an overview on how those letters on the page looked different when the tops of the symbols were smoothed out or there was no curves on the base of the bottom. The typefaces of the English language for every letter is distinctive and unique and the world has Mike Parker to thank for that.

So what does BMW, Target, American Apparel and Mattel have in common? All the logos offer the same type in their logo which is the Helvetica font and people around the world have the chance to see what Mike Parker shared with the world.

While Mike Parker is known or the Helvetica typeface, this isn’t the only font he has helped design. Making the English alphabet look remarkable, the man hand his hand in over 100 different styles. With so much interest in making the 26 letters in the alphabet looking perfect, there is no surprise that how we look at letters today has a lot to do with Mike Parker.


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Mike Parker

  • Afiliação: Peter Parker (Homem Aranha) e Gwen Stacy
  • Idade: 18
  • Face Claim: Andrew Garfield
  • User: @mikeparkr

Seus pais eram atenciosos, mas ele era mais próximo de Peter pelo fato de Gwen não ter poderes e ele tentar entender como funcionava tudo aquilo. Herdou os poderes do pai, é sério até certo ponto e muito carinhoso e romântico. 


River Phoenix talking to Mike Parker (one of the extras and inspirations for River’s character in the film), being asked questions about My Own Private Idaho, and jamming with Flea from the Red Hot Chili Peppers during filming.

CollegeHumor: Behind the Scenes

A fan recently sent the editors at Dorkly a very kind email:

“Hi, I was just watching your brilliant original videos and I was wondering how they are made. They are absolutely amazing and I just hope I could make videos as funny and interesting as yours.”

Mike Parker, CollegeHumor friend/illustrator/animator extraordinaire, responded with the above and the note:

“This should sum it up.”


E.T. & ME

Ever wonder what ever happened to E.T. and Elliott?  Plan C answers that question.

Thanks to the ridiculously handsome Mike Parker for the animation.

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Mike Parker - Thermo

Label: Semantica Records

Released: 17th October 2011

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