May 15, 2016

I made this blog to organize all my favorite things about skateboarding into one place. I grew up in Southern California and started skateboarding at age 5 in 1993. Since then I’ve competed, been sponsored, made videos with friends, watched some of my friends / acquaintances / skate park locals become pro, I’ve been ticketed and arrested, and I’ve had too many injuries to keep track of. (pictured above on the left, myself, skating at the now demolished Huntington Beach skatepark in 1994. On the right, myself in 2006, 17 years old, 17 stair handrail in Dana Point, CA)

My first skate video. 411vm Issue 15. 1996.

20 years ago, I was waiting for my mom to pick me up at school. It was a half day so we got out at noon but my mom forgot. I knew my brother’s preschool was down the road so I started walking. But I didn’t realize it was 2 miles down the road without a sidewalk along a busy road that I had only seen out the window. 8 year old me was now trudging through bushes and climbing up cement-blasted walls to get into the preschool plaza. When I arrived they couldn’t believe I made the trip and called my parents. My mom was upset since she forgot me there but my dad was blown away that I figured it out. So as a reward for bravery or whatever they said I could get something from the skateboard/comic shop in the same plaza. We went to Nuclear Comics and I picked out a skate video. The older kids in my neighborhood had been watching a lot of the popular videos at the time and were always talking about them, I had only watched Plan B’s Second Hand Smoke at that point. This was the random video I picked and I think it changed everything for me. As this was my first video, I’ve made this blog’s avatar from the Transition section’s icon. 

I couldn’t find a full video of 411vm issue 15 but I pieced together most of it through youtube links. Check it out.



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