If you are a fan of Asian dramas

..then you will be able to relate with the particular instance,

When Guys are so passionate in their Kissing scenes, giving their all,

While the girls just stand there, with mouths closed shut..with either a blank or shocked expression…


A Few Seconds later We’d be like:

In case you weren't aware...

…three Republican members of the Senate Committee for the Judiciary – the people holding up President Obama’s Supreme Court nominee – are up for re-election:
Chuck Grassley (Iowa)
Mike Lee (Utah)
David Vitter (Louisiana)

Geddy: What'cha looking at, Alex?

Alex: I dunno, there’s some weird-lookin’ dudes in the next car.

Neil: Ugh, just ignore them.

Phil: Those weird-lookin’ dudes in the next car are still watching us, Tony.

Tony: Ugh, just ignore them.

Mike: [thinking] Eyes front, eyes front…

Drinks On Us (Remix)
  • Drinks On Us (Remix)
  • Mike Will Made-It (Feat. The Weeknd, Swae Lee, & Future)
  • Ransom

Straight fire.