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Something which might be of interest: Bungie's old Marathon Trilogy contains a possible reference to the Elric Saga (a terminal late in Marathon 2 describes an 'eternal hero' who's been identified as 'Roland, Beowulf, Achilles, Gilgamesh' to name a few). And while I don't think this bit was planned out that far in advance, the Trilogy's main AI is named Durandal, and in the Elric saga proper, Roland 'n Durandal are incarnations of the Champion and Black Sword, respectively...

You have a good eye! Reminds me of how Heinlein slipped a Lensman into “The Cat Who Walks Through Walls.”

It’s really been a mystery to me why Michael Moorcock never opened up his Eternal Champion stories and its basic assumptions/constants (e.g. the black sword, balance between Law and Chaos, Eternal Champion as agent of balance, the Runestaff, the Grail, multiverses/omniverses as the source of true magic) up to anthologies of other writers who want to tell new Eternal Champion stories in new settings.  He sort-of did that with Howard Chaykin’s comics about the new adventures of Erekose (”The Sword of Heaven, the Flowers of Hell,” which like everything Chaykin does is highly recommended by me), or that great comic that came out in 2008 that was like Crisis on Infinite Champions, but you know what I mean. 

Surely Mike Resnick, Mercedes Lackey, Peter David, Kevin J. Anderson, George R. R. Martin, Alan Moore (Moorcock’s good friend and fellow beardo, who doesn’t do short fiction as much as he should), Melinda Snodgrass, Alan Brennert, Kristine Katheryn Rusch, S.M. Stirling….surely they have some stories of the Eternal Champion to tell. And themed anthologies of short fiction are coming back into style these days. I would love to see Kevin J. Anderson in particular do a sequel to Moorcock’s the Sundered Worlds, his one science fiction novel. 


somehow despite being IMMENSELY PROBLEMATIC and also Bad TM he some how has these things called ”fer-end-seh????” 

(i have included the definition for those of you like me who have little to no familiarity with the concept). apparently these so called “”””friends”””’ will respond angrily when random people on the internet insult the curmudgeonly mike, like mindless lackeys to a great and wicked beastie who lurks on the web


1- he gets upset when people talk shit about him???? which is like, so fucking immature??? like sweaty,, some people??? send rude anons??? to cope :)))) 

2- he starts SOOOO much FUCKING drama unlike ME, who is purposely writing a callout post for the express purpose of creating drama, i am good and Pure TM, anons call him racist and a pedophile and he RESPONDS thereby S T A RTING drama, clearLY he just SenDs those asks to himSELF for the sole purpose of getting attention bc hes a SLUTTY FAME SLUT WHO WHORES HIMSELF OUT FOR LIKES 

3- he HIDES BEHIND OTHER PEOPLE unlike someone who goes out and, oh i dont know, creates a whole entire blog to make callout posts for him giving nothing of their true identity or hiding behind anon to send shit asks. while he just SITS THERE being bitter and rude to poor innocent people who kindly point out that hes a racist homophobic pedophile slutbitch all his alleged friends (who he probably bribes with illusory promises of riches and fame) do all the real work, protecting this fragile and thirsty little flower from being watered by the pee of hate 

4- he sometimes writes these things called “AUs” which ARENT ORIGINALE/???? unlike ME who only writes free range whole sourced ORganic fanfics using my very own original ocs and concepts that i plucked myself from my Garden Of Originality and Virginally Pure Creative Integrity,  like recently i wrote about MY OWN ORIGINAL CHARACTER (dont steal) Asscloud Mcfuccubus The Titty-Slayer and his ORIGINAL ADVENTURES (dont steal) through the mystical land of [redacted] 

5- he SAYS hes “latinx” but HE LOOKS WHITE????? SOME might claim that there are strange people out there who are “mixed race” but u cant mix a 200 meter and a 100 yard dash now can ya, bucko ;))) 

6- he goes through negative and traumatic experiences and??? POSTS about them on his very own and personal blog???? FREQUENTLY UNDER A READMORE WHERE YOU ONLY CAN SEE IT IF YOU C H O O S E TO DO SO??? what an ATTROCITTY, the AUDACITY in this man, how dARe he. personally i lock all my feelings into a very small and tight little bottle and then shove it up my pure and unproblematic ass where it gradually combines with my ass sweat and ferments into the sweet sweet wine of jackassery :) 


8- he doeSNT support other creators works!!!!! i know this bc i wrote one (1) fanfic about my very own original oc and HE DIDNT READ IT!!!!!!1! (neither did anyone else but THATS JUST BC HE DIDNT REBLOG IT AND EVERYONE ELSE IS A BUNCH OF CUCK ASS SH E EP) 

9- he LEFT a dISCORD server!!!! which is mean and rude and probably hurt someones feelings!!!! if someone invites u to something u hAVE to go otherwise ur problematic and thats just science sweaty :)))))

10- he wrote about CHILDREn KISSING??!??? THATS PEDOPHILE BEHAVIOR!!!! he is not even JUST a pedophile but the MOZART of pedophiles- a pedophilic chILD PRODIGY who is you guessed it- A CHILD! he is a disgusting 15 year old preying off children his OW N age and writing about them  KI S S ING! SUCH FILTH AND VILLAINY! FIE, SCUM, FIE UPON THEE! i, a vigilant internet vigilante, live only to protect (fictional) teenagers from (actual) teenagers VICIOUSLY ASSAULTING THEM VIA FANFICTION!  I AM A PARAGON OF JUSTICE AND MORALITY BOW BEFORE ME 

11- hes RA C IST against japan!!!1! and racist in general bc hes W H I TE which automatically makes him R A CIST unlike ME who immediately decides peoples race for them based on skin color using my handy dandy color coded race chart (DO NOT STEAL) which says u have to be X amount of brown to be latino, i am an expert in latino i went to taco bell three times u guys, i got a chalupa

12- he likes headcanons about characters being chubby/?? BUT HE ISNT EVEN CHUBBY/??? OBVIOUSLY ONLY FAT PEOPLE CAN LIKE FAT CHARACTERS OR HEADCANONS ABOUT THEM THIS IS TH I N  PR I V E GLEGE and i wont STAND for it, people can ONLY like characteres who are exactly like themselves which is why i only enjoy my very own original self insert oc, Asscloud Mcfuccubus and my own beautiful reflection in the mirror that i jack off to thrice daily

13- HIS WRITING IS UN R EA DABLE and i would KNOW bc i cant read and have never read one word in all my entire life, even now my words are being dictated to the internet by means of my servant girl, young belinda. say hi, Belinda!
(h e l p m e)

oh belinda you’re so funny~

tl;dr MIKE IS A  CU CK the end!

Little difference or no at all.


Part1 / …

A/N: This was a fun idea I had, hope you guys like it. Sorry for any mistakes made down in the text.

Word count:  2,088

Warnings: Blood and bad language, violence as well.

  With the beginning of the last semester of the last school year for you, you had to change institutions.Why? Well long story, that doesn’t need to be told. Your first day was normal, for now.You walked onto the new ,to you, grounds and made your way to the big building in the middle. You took a deep breath and placed a smile onto your lips. Walking inside the classroom, your teacher introduced you.

“Now everyone, this is your new classmate. I know you are all graduating this year and there is only one semester left, but I hope you will make friends with her.”she stepped back making way for you

“Hello, my name is Y/N and I will be joining you this last few months.” your teacher pointed at a free seat and you went there.Placing your books onto the table ,you proceeded with taking notes. A few girls turned to look at you, but not in a bad way, surprisingly. 

 The sound of a pen dropping made you look to your side, you picked it up and passed it over to your neighbor. “Here you go, you must have pushed it by accident.” the boy’s head moved towards you and he took the writing instrument back.What struck you first was how beautiful he was.Flashing you a smile ,he said his name.

“Thank you, my name is Jung Hoseok by the way.Nice to meet you.”

“Like wise.You already know mine.” someone shushed behind you and you looked at your notebook again, whispering a sorry

“Can someone tell me how one can treat a wound?”the teacher asked, a few people answered but she wasn’t too happy.Her eyes fell onto you. “Ah yes.Y/N would you like to answer?” you leaned and looked at the picture.

“What caused it Miss?”you asked 

“Does it matter?” 

“It does.A knife cut can be very deep or just a scratch, a gun wound can be treated differently depending weather or not there is a bullet in the body. I personally would wash it off first and then disinfect just in case.” you crossed your hands in front of your chest and continued “Am I in a hurry?Do I have everything I need?”you started asking

“Y/N what does that have to do with anything?”

“Well if I am in a hurry and don’t have most of the essentials ,I won’t have enough time to do everything, so I will just tie something around it to stop the bleeding.That is until I find a safe place “ 

“Ok…the answer is correct, but you are overthinking things a tad bit.”

“Haha, you are right Miss.” you realized everyone was looking and laughed it off

  You were still new so during lunch you had to go alone. Before the bell rang you went to the bathroom to wash up a bit. There was also something else…you had this uneasy feeling that someone was looking and following you the whole time you were in the school building.The ladies restroom would be the perfect place to hide for a bit, so you went there.

  Surprisingly there was no one occupying it, at all. You washed your face and leaned onto the sink to take a breath. You let go when you felt someone pull your body back and against the last stall’s door.In front of you were three boys. The one that was obviously their leader ,was holding your neck and pushing you even more flush against the wooden door. The other two were holding your arms.

“Morning gorgeous.”said the leader “Names Mike.How are you doing during this fine day?”he grinned disgustingly 

“You sound hilarious like that Mike.”said one of the them, the fatter

“Shut up!”he yelled out and turned to look at you again “Don’t you talk like this?So mannered.”he smiled and you just stared “Look at that shine in your eyes, I just love it.”he groaned 

“Mike are you sure this is a good idea?”said the other underdog

“It is if I say so!”what a temper this guy had “Plus that.”he lifted your skirt up a bit “Look what she is wearing. I bet there was a reason.” he looked in your eyes “So shiny and innocent.Look she is trembling.”the other two idiots laughed and something in you snapped “Oh.”he noticed “You stopped resisting.See boys what did I tell you.”

 You bend your knee and kicked this Mike guy, letting him fall back.The other two were easy. You grabbed them and bashed their heads together, falling next to their boss.You moved your jaw a bit as it made cracking sounds.

“What is going on?”asked the fat one 

“Yeah Mike!”squealed the other

  You hit the wall that was next to them and leaned a bit closer. “I will tell you what is going on.”the shine in your eyes long gone by now “If you don’t leave now, something….very very bad….will happen to you.”you said slowly 

“Careful, I can see up your skirt.”this guy was at the top of the disgusting pyramid 

  You smiled and shocked him a bit, a poisonous smile “Why don’t you?” He grinned and lowered his head, as his eyes noticed what was under.His head shot up, his eyes wide as plates.

“Mike what is it?”asked the skinny boy

 You reached out and pulled him up, smashing his back against the cold wall.One of his underdogs decided to help, but with your leg you stepped onto his chest, keeping him down.Looking towards the free one you asked. “Will you try something?” the boy trembled and hit himself “Good.”you whispered as your irises moved towards this so called Mike.

“Did you like the little surprise?”you asked ,he swallowed before speaking 

“Is that…..real…?”you reached under your dress and from the left side pulled out a gun.You gently ran the could metal against his chin “Glock 18.”you said as one of the guys cried out.Your left hand slowly fell down to his head “This baby is a
semi-automatic pistol. Do you want to know something else?” the guy shook his head “But I think you do.”he shook his head again “Yes.You.Do.” the moved to Mike’s head “You know, I want to know the same thing.”you pushed the muzzle into his skin so he could feel it better, your head crooked to the side “Will I color the wall behind you with blood or brains?”his body stiffened “Oh!”they jumped from your sudden realization “Maybe both.”

   Mike’s mouth was a bit open and you noticed.”Why are you so afraid Mikey? When a helpless girl was in your positioning you were smirking.Why so scared now?”you pulled the gun away slowly “Don’t worry, I won’t kill you.” with a forceful move you pushed the weapon into his mouth, his teeth hitting the trigger guard “How does it feel to be at the receiving end, you disgusting pig?” you removed your leg from the idiot under you and let go of Mike’s neck, leaving the gun still in his mouth “Never do this again or I will find you and display your brain to the world.Got it!?” the three idiots nodded “You two!”

“YES MA’AM!”they jumped 

“If you tell anyone what happened today, I won’t be the only one coming for a small visit.” you pulled the gun out of his mouth “No scram!” they ran like scared babies. You looked at the weapon “My babyyyyy.”you cried out “That bastard got my Glock dirtyyyy~.” sighing you took out a small bottle and wiped it as clean as you could, placing it back where it came from. You fixed your hair and lipstick and walked out of the bathroom.

 As you were walking back to the classroom, someone bumped into you. You felt your body falling back, but then stopped.Opening your eyes you saw your class mate, Hoseok. His hand was holding the stuff you threw into the air and his other arm was holding onto you tight.

“Are you ok?”he was inches from you, for the first time you couldn’t say anything back only nodded “I am sorry, I scared you a bit too much.Your heart seems like it will jump out of your chest.” his comment made you realize what actually was happening.You weren’t scared, but your heart was going crazy. He helped you stand up and gave your stuff back.

“I just tripped it’s…it’s nothing.”without knowing it you got lost into his eyes and snapped out in the right moment.You tried to relax your heart beat and made your way towards the classroom, when he reached to grab your arm. Your reflexes were on and weren’t going to let that happen. You turned around, your hand in a fist, which he caught.You leaned onto him and swung your legs, pushing Hoseok on the ground. Your thighs around his waist and his arms holding yours over your head.You were holding him tight to the ground with your legs and his strength was keeping you immobile.

  Eyes locked together and heavy breaths echoing in the hallway.

“I had one question.”he said

“What is it?”you asked trying to pry your arms away, but unsuccessfully 

“I saw Mike and his mindless lackeys follow you in the bathroom.” your body relaxed for the first time ,while being restricted at such a point 

“You came after me, because of them?” your mouth was gaping a bit and your eyes were wide 

“Of course I did. Who knows what they could have done.You are a woman after all.”you continued to be shocked

“O-oh.”you hesitated after seeing your reflection in the clean floor tiles “Yeah…woman.”your head moved to the side as you sighed

“What is going on here?”he asked not averting his sight from you “You are…different from the others.”

“What makes you think that.”your eyes piercing his 

“You walked in so timid, but in biology class as you were talking about the wounds and different scenarios, your eyes lost their warm shine.”  you let out a short and pissed laugh.With a slight disgust you said:

“What is with you and eyes shine. Do all men want a pure woman?”you asked

“So something did happen in the bathroom?”his head jumped up.You tried to pull back ,but he was holding your arms tight.Did he provoke you?How did you fall for it!?Or he was honest…? “Did he do something to you?”

“Why do you care about me so much Hoseok?”you leaned a bit “Or do you just like the idea of a helpless woman squirming under you?”you smiled devilishly “News flash. Last time I checked I am on top of you.”suddenly you felt him pull your hands down and now you were inches away from him.So close you could feel his warm breath onto your skin. The cuteness he had disappeared and a smirk took over his lips.Eyes dark, like a hawk looking at it’s pray.You have never felt this mix of excitement, fear and passion before.One could say that love was injecting itself in that concoction of hormones. 

“Maybe I like the idea of a damsel in distress.Can you hold it against a man for having fantasies?”he licked his lips and looked down your neck “But, I must say.I am starting to like this dominant vibe.”

“I am just an innocent little girl ,that does everything my mommy tells me to.”

“Oh really? Did mommy agree on you getting piercings?”he noticed your face “Why so shocked princess, you thought I wouldn’t noticed the tinny holes?”his head looked down to your skirt and slightly exposed legs “I am very curious to what those two things pressing against my body are.” you looked confused, when you realized that he was saying

“Let go!”you said

“Why should I?I have questions that need an answer.”

“I warned you.”clanking your teeth together in front of him ,you clenched your jaw 

“What are you going?”he frowned 

“Night night neighbor.” you said between your teeth as you headbutted him as hard as you could.His hands let go and you pulled away getting up fast.Patting some dust off of you, you sighed and massaged your wrists a bit. It was amazing how strong Hoseok was.

“Nice move.”your head shot back down at him as he kicked up perfectly, fixing his hair 

“How did you…?”you gasped, this guy was full of surprises

“Next time make sure you know how strong your opponent actually is.” the sound of the school bell rang and he averted his gaze from you just for a second, when he turned again you were gone. “Maybe I should be the one who must be more careful.”he smirked “See you in class Y/N.”as said as he walked away.

Natasha: Look, I’m sure the other Avengers would lecture us until they were blue in the face if they knew we were here at Bimboyz— New York’s only male go-go pizza parlor… but being an Avenger is tough work! And you deserve a night off from mothering little Luna— and me from monitor duty!
Crystal: It’s funny, though, ‘Tasha— I don’t see anyone eating pizza…!

From Avengers Unplugged #3, by Mike Lackey and M.C. Wyman.