(Top 2 are Kuza with makeup and no makeup, and the bottom 2 are Chris with and without makeup, fyi)

I’d like to say something that regards a certain someone…

His name is Mike Kuza. NOT Chris Motionless.

He does not try to be, nor act like Chris.

He does not look like Chris.

So stop saying he looks like Chris or that he’s trying to be Chris, because he’s not. Kuza is an entirely different person.

So yeah, they are friends. But just because they are does not mean Kuza is trying to be like him.

If you’re trying to be like your close friend or your best friend, or just a friend in general, that’s just weird.

Kuza is his own person. He wants to be in a band because he wants to be in a band. NOT because of Chris.

He does his makeup and draws on his eyebrows because he wants to do it. NOT because of Chris.

There are plenty of other dudes in bands that wear makeup & draw on their eyebrows. So is Kuza trying to be like them too? Sure doesn’t look like it. Back the fuck off, mate.

He’s not doing things to be like another person. He’s doing things for himself, the way he likes it…

And there’s plenty of other people out there with underbites & somewhat big noses. It’s not just Chris & Kuza.

So do they look alike as well? Try looking under the makeup. Yeah sure, so their makeup is similar.
SIMILAR. Not copying each other.

They aren’t related, they’re just friends. Okay? Okay.

And another thing:

To the fangirls who think he’s an ass, he’s only an ass to the people that treat him like shit. He is truly a nice guy, quiet & shy, but nice.

Okay, I’m done.