The 16th Baptist Church was bombed by Klansmen 52 years from today. The rubble killed these four girls in the basement. Take today to remember them.

Also, remember that destruction of black churches hasn’t ended. There are several black churches that have been destroyed this year. Since the racists repeating their history of evil acts, blacks mustn’t give up their history of unity and fighting back.

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George Zimmerman recently put a picture of Trayvon Martin’s dead body on Twitter. He is no different than racists making postcards of lynching victims. This should awaken many to see that the Jim Crow system is still active.

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Most kinetic typography is interesting to watch, that I won’t deny. However they seem to have adopted some unwritten stylistic convention making them all look the same.

This is video by Mike Kus is interesting because of the way the typography has been captured whilst being made - it certainly helps that there is more than just the element of type being manipulated here.