Our Wedding Sale!!!

Meredith and I are getting married this fall, and she is the best person I’ve ever met and I can’t wait to be married to her!

We’re going to be paying for our small, modest affair all on our own, but that still adds up to a pretty hefty chunk of cash for a couple of cartoonists. SO, to help with our costs, we’ve decided to have a big wedding blowout crazy everything-must-go artwork sale!!!

We’re selling original, published, hand-drawn pages from:

Additionally, I’ll be doing a limited number of FULL COLOR COMMISSIONS for $150 each.

We’re selling these at a pretty big discount, and we’ll only be doing it for a very limited time. If you’ve always wanted to own original comic artwork this might be a good time.

Please reblog and help us get the word out!


Bravest Warriors Comic Issue 18 is out TODAY!

Head to your local comic shop to pick it up or buy it online directly from BOOM! Studios by clicking right here.

This issue was written by Breehn Burns and Jason Johnson, the writer/director of the Bravest Warriors series! It is 1 of the 3 issues that bridge the gap between Season 2 episode 9 and episode 10 (which is coming, we promise.) You seriously don’t want to miss out on this story arc!



TRUE STORY is coming back.

If you have an amazing/crazy/funny/weird/terrifying true story that you’d like to share - maybe one you’ve been telling your friends for years - I’d like to turn it into a comic strip.

Help spread the word! Reblog, share on Facebook, call your grandma!

Send your stories to: truestoriesboom@gmail.com (ignore the old email on those comics).

Thanks everyone - it’s exciting to start making these again!

Bravest Warriors Volume 1 Now Available

Yow! Today marks the big release of the Warriors’ very first trade paperback. Thanks to the gang at BOOM! for making all this happen. And next time you’re hanging out with Joey Comeau, Mike Holmes, Ryan Pequin, and Tyson Hesse, let them know you’re honored to be sharing a beer with them.

You can buy your own copy for just $10.97 (cheap!) right here.

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Comics Alliance has a preview of Bravest Warriors #9 (written by Joey Comeau, drawn by me, colors by Lisa Moore, cover by Tyson Hesse) out next week from BOOM! Studios!

It’s the first stand-alone issue, and there are makeouts and battles and hoverpacks. If you haven’t read any of the Bravest Warriors comics yet (WHAT?!?), this is a good place to jump on.

So jump on.


I draw a picture of myself on my classroom’s chalkboard everyday. I collect those pictures as camera phone photos and post them on Sundays. See the rest here.

This week I had a go at Bravest Warriors, the animated YouTube series created by Adventure Time mastermind Pendleton Ward. I’m a big fan and recently bought a page of artwork from BOOM! Studios’ BW comic series to hang in my classroom, drawn by the talented Mike Holmes!

Mike’s sale might still be going on as of this post, if anybody’s interested…

Bravest Warriors #8 Comic Book Cover 

The Bravest Warriors comics continue to be awesome! From the crew at BOOM!, with Joey ComeauMike HolmesLisa Moore, and Steve Wands (plus the back-up story by Ryan Pequin with colors by Josh Ulrich).

Available at your local comic shop, or through BOOM!’s website

A comiXologist Recommends:
Eric Arroyo recommends Pressure/Sensitivity Vol. 1

Pressure/Sensitivity Volume 1, edited by Caleb Goellner and designed by Dylan Todd, is a rich blend of tone and style, uniting unique voices from all over the cartooning field to tell stories about dealing with pressure. The stakes range from personal to apocalyptic, and the only bit of consistency is the energy and talent across these four stories.

Both “Jump Block” by bensears, a continuing story, and “Ada'mas” from mingdoyle (The Kitchen) share a sense of otherworldly wonder and suggest rich mythologies. Sears’s story explores the relationship between a girl, her cat, and her distant father through techno-fantasy environments that evoke Mobius and 16-bit adventure games. The story’s limited color palette and sensitive lines drive the emotional journey behind the mysterious Jump Blocks.

Where Sears’s work emphasizes quiet moments, Doyle’s piece presents a supernatural battle from the dawn of Earth. “Ada'mas” approaches epic poetry with a gestural sensibility. Doyle’s depiction of a heroic metamorphosis and trial by fire leans toward literalism, capturing the evocative spirit of classical mythology with fresh and cosmic visuals.

While also apocalyptic in scale, “Combat Robot Rhynie” from Giannis Milonogiannis - milonogiannis (Old City Blues) is about the end of the world instead its beginning. Milonogiannis brings humor to doomsday, unleashing an amalgam of 1980s anime references without the pretense of seriousness you’d find in his other works. The first chapter of this continuing story is full of colorful transformation sequences, doomed cityscapes, and special attacks brought to life with his dynamic and scratchy style.

Meredith Gran - octopuspiecomic (Marceline and the Scream Queens) and Mike Holmes - therealmikeholmes (Bravest Warriors) deliver my favorite twist on the theme with “Ethel,” the tale of a hen who can’t be bothered to feel pressure, even with an ax at her throat. The humor’s on-point and the commentary hits home in all the right ways, wrapping the book with a reminder that even if you have all the right tools, it’s up to you to sit down and get work done.

Pressure/Sensitivity is a fantastically curated showcase of some of the most defining voices in today’s comics, starting what I hope to be a long journey exploring the breadth of variety in the comics community. Check out Pressure/Sensitivity Vol. 1 for free from ComiXology!

[Read Pressure/Sensitivity Vol. 1 on comiXology]

Eric Alexander Arroyo is a Brooklyn-based cartoonist and a Digital Editor at comiXology. He’s probably drawing giant robots and listening to ABBA.