If all the Black Lives Matter post offend/annoy you

I DONT GIVE A FUCK. Let me make this very fucking clear, I DO NOT CARE. If you are tired of seeing these post every where and you would rather people remain silent YOU ARE PART OF THE PROBLEM. I will say his name, i will say hers, I will say theirs.

I, as a white person living in western Europe, will never have to expierence what black people in the US go through daily. I will never have to worry about my family, or me, being shot by the people who are supposed to protect us, simply for breathing. I will be able to go to church if I want, I will be able to sell CDs down the street, I will not be murdered by cops, for simply being alive. But believe me when I say this: I cannot feel the same pain you do. I cannot make this hatred and racism towards your people stop, and I am so sorry. But I am willing to do whatever I can do, I am willing to raise my voice, I am willing to say their names, I am willing to sign your petitions. It’s not much. But we cannot fight fire with fire, solidarity, love, and remembering is what we need. Fight in peace for those who have lost their lives over nothing, and say their names.

There would only so much more I can say about Speedy Ortiz on this blog…if they didn’t keep blowing my mind to bits every time I saw them.

Second venue on Saturday was The Paper Box (which I’d only been to once before while drifting in from Shea Stadium) for the Gimme Tinnitus showcase. The two stages tripped me up for a second but I think I’m glad they played on the floor because it let you get close enough to feel the ridiculous energy that was coming both from the band and the front row crowd. It was the only show all week that I wished I’d had earplugs for in the best way possible. They’ve just managed to make the same instruments make that much more noise since the last time I saw them. The new songs proved Sadie is still slinging the same effortlessly sarcastic lyrics so I'm sure the next record will be one of the few reasons I still think music players should keep repeat-1 as an option.