I am so fucking sick of Mike DeWine's campaign ads

He keeps talking about “ooooh I expanded healthcare to women, 9,000 women got pap smear sthis year because of me” and “ooooh I took those rape kits off the shelves after 20 years”

listen you little shit you’ve been the AG for three years, since Janaury 2011, and you know what you’ve done “for women”?


literally the entire WORLD was fucking looking at us, at ohio, during the steubenville rape case. the pressure was intense and incessant. then you decided to test the rape kits. you said it yourself in your ads, they’ve been sitting there for TWENTY YEARS. and your worthless ass has been sitting in that office for THREE YEARS. you’ve been a senator since NINETEEN EIGHTY TWO. but only when everyone was furious with you upon learning you did nothing to get those rape victims justice did you formulate a half-assed attempt.

you don’t get to take credit for something you were forced to do while under an international spotlight that you clearly didn’t give a fuck about before it all hit the papers. you don’t get to be a hero or a saint or white jesus. you’re a fucking slimeball and you’re worthless.

oh, and that whole “mike dewine cares about women’s health!”? you fucking swore to vote against obamacare the day it hit a desk.



so in summation, mike dewine hates women and if you vote him in after knowing all this, you hate women and therefore I hate your worthless ass. stop fucking voting these people into power! fuck!

Securities Fraud Investigation Nabs Ohio Republican Along With A 'Secretive' Church
A Republican Ohio state representative was indicted today on 53 counts, along with a Cincinnati based church, described as ‘secretive’

Ohio state representative, Peter Beck (R-54) was just indicted on 53 counts. He already is facing 16 felony counts from an indictment last July.

According to Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine Hamilton County Prosecutor Joe Deters, the charges stem from an investigation into software company Christopher Technologies, LLC. In January of 2013 a lawsuit was filed that alleges Beck, as well as others, had bilked investors out of $1.2 million.

The charges include such things as theft, money laundering, telecommunications fraud and perjury.

Along with Beck, a Cincinnati based church, Ark by the River was indicted on 9 felony counts. The church, which has been described as “secretive” is located just east of downtown Cincinnati.

Ark by the River

Beck was serving as the financial officer for Ark by the River. Beck and the church’s late pastor’s wife were allegedly involved in these schemes.Investigations have also taken place into the church’s tax-exempt status.

The Cincinnati Enquirer put together a lengthy piece looking into the scandal last year. I highly recommend checking that out, as it reads almost like a Grisham novel.

No word on how many years Beck could face if convicted of all 53 counts. The early 16 counts could net him 102 years. Beck is running for re-election this May and has ignored requests by state Republicans to step down.

Mike DeWine

Today we’ll have a little talk about former United States Senator and current Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine. He’s been bouncing around the political world since 1981, and his career in the U.S. Senate came to a crashing halt in the 2006 “Blue Wave” election that saw him unseated by current Sen. Sherrod Brown, and having the staggering statistic of having received over 900,000 fewer votes in Ohio in 2006 than he did when he won his second term in 2000. While it seems like covering every step of his career along the way might be a long journey, we’ll keep this profile as brief as possible, because really, the big points are the ones that will make you cringe.

His career goes back far enough that yes, he was around during the Clinton administration, and voted to impeach President Clinton on both the charge of perjury, and obstruction of justice, as being enough to remove him from office.

Of course, he was far more forgiving when a member of his own party was in office. One of the more disastrous failures by the Bush administration (which is saying something) was the attempt to nominate his own legal counsel, Harriet Miers, to be a Justice on the Supreme Court of the United States, in spite of having no judicial experience, and in a move that reeked of nepotism. Sen. DeWine actually tried to spin it into a good idea because it would bring diversity to the court because she had no idea what she would be doing when he said, “I think the fact she doesn’t have judicial experience will add to the diversity of the Supreme Court…. There is no reason everyone has to have that same [judicial] background.

DeWine also turned some heads during the 2012 GOP Primary when he, quite frankly, couldn’t decide which horse in the race he was pulling for, and endorsing Tim Pawlenty, then Mitt Romney, then Rick Santorum, then Romney again.Really, it’s a good example of how the GOP’s 2012 Primary went in a microcosm.

On the issues… While Mike DeWine was considered by many Republicans to be “too moderate” because he co-sponsored the amendment to renew the Federal Assault Weapons Ban (that failed) and voted against the Protection for Lawful Firearms in Commerce act that would have protected gun manufacturers from lawsuits, on many social issues, he is as conservative as it gets.

On this issue of abortion where DeWine really stood out, as the lead sponsor of the Unborn Victims of Violence of Act, a bill that was a blatant attempt to take a step towards fetal “personhood”, as it would define any attack upon an unborn child in utero at any stage of development in the womb as having been upon a person. While it did have an exception for abortion written into it, legal experts acknowledge that it would undermine the key “collapse” clause in the Roe vs. Wade decision, regardless.

But now that he’s a “mere” attorney general, and not a senator, you might scoff and think, “Really, what damage can anyone do in that role?” Well, take the Voter ID Debate. DeWine has used his office in Ohio to try and prevent a voters’ bill of rights from getting on ballots, preventing what kinds of legal ID can be presented at the polls, and approving the expansion of early voting that had been approved. Heaven forbid more people participate in our democracy, right? But hey, you have to bend the rules if you’re the GOP to win in a swing state that’s been crucial in the past four elections. He then moved to expand voting rights to the U.S. military members voting from overseas, while cutting them back for the rest of the state in 2012. When he was sued (and he lost the lawsuit) by the Obama administration for his, DeWine went on Fox News for weeks claiming (falsely) that it meant the Obama administration was trying to suppress the military vote. Their response was simple, “Uh, no. If you’re expanding rights, you’re doing it for everyone equally.” Still, many FOX News viewers decided to believe the alternate reality that the Democrats just hate soldiers, and the network ran with the lie for weeks.

And of course he used his position to sue the federal government for having the nerve to charge fees over the Affordable Care Act, and try to bring down the law. This should come as little surprise, though, as when he was a Senator, he actually managed to earn a 0% rating on health issues from the American Public Health Association.

It was not uncommon for a politician to be against gay marriage ten years ago when DeWine was a senator (and sadly, it still is pretty much a given that a Republican is. Again, you can see Mike DeWine throwing his weight around as attorney general of Ohio, trying to have a ban on same sex marriage added to the state constitution in April 2012, even while other states saw their own bans being sent to the Supreme Court. Since the ruling by the SCOTUS on the issue, DeWine has continued filing every legal brief he can to prevent same sex couples from getting married.

But lastly, I will report that Mike DeWine is a Republican who was “talkin’ ‘bout rape”, but actually had a reason to do so. If you’ve never heard of the Steubenville Rape Case, I think before clicking on that link, you should really brace yourself about how disgusting priorities in America can be sometimes. Now, sure, local and state prosecutors were dragging their feet on pressing charges against the actual rapists in the case, those who filmed the attacks and spread them around social media as if it was not a crime, and a joking matter, and the adults who learned of the incident and tried to cover it up… but then some folks from Anonymous hacked their way into finding the evidence of the case, and spread the details online. National outrage grew, and only THEN did Mark DeWine step in and start pressing charges. And after only putting the two rapists on trial, he still waited until he was again criticized for not pressing charges against the adults who conspired to hide evidence of the crime before charging them (none of these 5 have yet to go to trial). DeWine has refused to press charges against any of the teenagers who were present during the assault, did nothing to prevent it, and instead, in some cases, took pictures to spread to social media or made videos of themselves boasting about the incident. And DeWine confirmed it’s not due to those teens cooperating and receiving immunity from his office.

The attackers were given sentences that lasted less than a year, and for one of the two convicted, he won’t even end up on a sex offenders’ registry.

At this point, all I can say is, “Damn it, DeWine… YOU HAD ONE JOB. PROSECUTE. ONE JOB.”

For some reason, the people of Ohio re-elected him in the 2014 midterms, so he’ll be around until at least 2018. Be ready to hear his name a couple times during the 2016 elections about shady dealings with polling places and promises to combat “potential voter fraud” that statistically doesn’t exist.

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John Arthur is dying. He is in the terminal stages of Lou Gehrig’s disease and has entered hospice care. Arthur is also gay, and in a 20 year relationship with a man named Jim Obergefell. Because the couple’s home state of Ohio will not allow them to marry, Arthur and Obergefell recently flew to Maryland together and were legally married on the tarmac — just weeks after the Supreme Court’s landmark marriage equality decision in United States v. Windsor. Arthur was unable to rise from his hospice bed.

In his final days, Arthur wants to honor his commitment to his husband. He wants his own death certificate to list Obergefell as his “surviving spouse.” And he wants to die knowing that his partner of 20 years can someday be buried next to him in a family plot bound by a directive that only permits his lawfully wedded spouse to be interred alongside him. And, on Monday, a federal judge ruled that Arthur should indeed have the dignity of dying alongside a man that Ohio will recognize as his husband.

And now, Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine ® wants to take that dignity away from Mr. Arthur. The day after a judge issued a temporary restraining order requiring Ohio to list Arthur’s husband as his “surviving spouse” on his death certificate, DeWine announced that he would appeal this decision and try to strip a dying man of his final wish.

What a piece of fucking shit!!

John Arthur is dying. He is in the terminal stages of Lou Gehrig’s disease and has entered hospice care. Arthur is also gay, and in a 20 year relationship with a man named Jim Obergefell. Because the couple’s home state of Ohio will not allow them to marry, Arthur and Obergefell recently flew to Maryland […]

I am disgusted and ashamed to be “represented” by this man in government.   What a heartless and pointless gesture on the part of a man who claims to be concerned about the vulnerable in Ohio ((http://www.dispatch.com/content/stories/editorials/2013/06/18/protecting-the-vulnerable.html). I can’t even begin to understand the brain that would rationalize this as the right thing to do. Pardon me while I go write letters between bouts of hate-vomit.

Finally some good news out of my state. Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine (Republican) certifies same-sex marriage amendment after denying it a few weeks ago. There is a poll on this, and I won’t try to stop anyone who wants to vote in it. Here are the current stats:

Do you support the ‘Freedom to Marry’ campaign in Ohio?

  • Yes. It’s time to stop discriminating against the LGBT community.  42.64%  (1,430 votes)  
  •  No. Ohio voters in 2004 approved an amendment to the state Constitution recognizing marriage as between a man and woman. That settles it.  23.64%  (793 votes)  
  • Yes, but I think religious institutions have the right not to conduct same-sex ceremonies or recognize the marriages.  19.23%  (645 votes)
  • No. I’m against gay unions based on religious grounds.  14.49%  (486 votes)  

Video shows police shot Ohio man ‘on sight’ as he leaned on toy gun in Walmart, attorney says

By: Travis Gettys Surveillance video shows an Ohio man talking on a cell phone, leaning on a toy gun, and facing away from officers moments before police shot and killed him in a Walmart store, according to an attorney for the man’s family.

Ohio AG: Craigslist Scams Netting $300 - $2,000 From Victims

No offense to the home country of the NBA’s Hakeem Olajuwon, or the NFL’s Christian Okoye, but if you see any mention of “Nigeria” during a financial transaction, it’s probably time to cut and run.

How does this have anything to do with Ohio? Sure, we’ll get to that next.

We at RET try to keep people informed about property management scams in all varieties. Sometimes, despite anyone’s best efforts, including those who are being vigilant, things just slip through the cracks.

So the Ohio part - a woman named Pam Copley found a great deal on a rental in Columbus, but was a bit weary. She called the agency that the scammer claimed to represent, just to double check the authenticity.

From the local NBC affiliate:

Copley says she was excited to find a Bexley area home to rent through an ad she recently saw on Craigslist.

The man who posted the ad told Pam she would have the keys to the rental home with a $600 down payment. The man had told Pam that his wife was a realtor.

“We actually called ReMax, which is the one that the realtor was through, and they said yes they heard of her and yes she works there so I thought it was all legit,” said Copley.

She says the man told her his family was moving to Nigeria to do ministry work.

“He texted me and said we’re a Christian faithful family and God will steer us through,” added Copley.

The unidentified man reluctantly won her trust and Pam wired him $600 but she tells that wasn’t enough, “they even actually called my fiance’ and wanted us to send them $400 more and we said no.”

Luckily Pam and her husband were on to him by then and didn’t send any more money.

Because of this case and similar ones from the Buckeye State, the AG has issued a scam warning in hopes of saving some would-be victims.

John Arthur is dying. He is in the terminal stages of Lou Gehrig’s disease and has entered hospice care. Arthur is also gay, and in a 20 year relationship with a man named Jim Obergefell. Because the couple’s home state of Ohio will not allow them to marry, Arthur and Obergefell recently flew to Maryland […]

Feel free to contact Mr. DeWine:



30 E. Broad St., 14th Floor

Columbus, OH 43215

Ohio Nursing Home Abuse on the Rise

The Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine has announced a rise in the number of nursing home abuse cases. There have been 131 cases opened for nursing home abuse and negligence so far this year compared to the 74 cases during the same time period in 2012. 

In June, DeWine explained that authorities would be looking into nursing home abuse aggressively and would use in-room hidden cameras if necessary. 

While the rise in cases is startling, our office is pleased to know that those being hurt by such negligence are now being helped. Such abuse often goes unnoticed. Our office has heard stories about nursing home abuse and we would like to do all that is in our power to help those who have been hurt by the negligence of their supposed caregivers.

If your loved one has reported nursing home abuse or negligence, call our Ohio nursing home negligence attorneys at 800.637.8170. We will work with your family to hold the facility and responsible individuals accountable and help you to receive the damages deserved.