After a painfully long hiatus, Mike and Tom Eat Snacks are back for the third week in a row. That’s Michael Ian Black (a.k.a. Magic) and Tom Cavanagh, the men who won America’s heart during the days of Stella, Ed, and I Love the ’80s. They banter, they make astute observations about everyone’s and no one’s favorite snacks, and they exude Respect for Women.

Some of their best moments have been spent with sender-of-snacks Matty Ice and deliberating over the cake-to-icing ratio on cupcakes. I particularly loved a recent episode dedicated to my favorite childhood snack, a snack I ate stacks and stacks of during long car rides through the English countryside, just like Tom. Listen to the episode to find out what the hell I’m talking about! 

—Aralyn Beaumont

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OK followers, if you HAVEN’T listened to the glory that is Tom’s “It’s Not What You Wear” song, you MUST hear it RIGHT NOW.


Eyes of a Cowboy:


*Quality may vary enormously.

If you are in search of a (new) podcast to check out, you HAVE to listen to Mike and Tom Eat Snacks.

Michael Ian Black (The State, Stella, Viva Variety) and Tom Cavanaugh (Ed) eat snacks and talk about it.

BUT even better than that are their segues, asides, and banter.  In between discussing Slim Jim, Bananas, Combos, etc. they talk about their relationship, roles they’ve had, people they know, and other ridiculous BS.  Everything from John Goodman’s guest appearance on Ed to inappropriate yet hilarious sexual comments about Tom Hanks and Kevin Bacon, to a genius suggestion for the reprise of Footloose, and much much more.