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Just a Bro™ being jealous and territorial over his other Bro

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Unpopular (?) opinion but I love mike and Katrina together. Either as friends or a couple I just think they go really well together and she would be better than Rachel in a relationship with mike for what he needs; not hating on Rachel tho cause I adore her as a character just I also love Katrina and wish we got more of her



they’d make some gorgeous fucking babies lemme tell you like holy shit beautiful blonde lil bombshells

i’ve always liked mike with his blondes. mike and jenny, mike and tess, mike and katrina… i always thought that he and katrina had so much chemistry in their scenes, too??? like idk if pja just has this chemistry switch where he can turn it hot and cold w/ people or whatever but damn if he doesn’t have chemistry with nearly every person on that show…. except rachel lmfao

and louis. i’d be lying if i said he had chemistry w/ louis bc other than totally besties i don’t want them to do the horizontal mambo no thanks please never

but i’d also be lying if i didn’t admit that i thought he had chemistry with jessica (i mean, dominant woman, gorgeous as fuck, everyone had chemistry w/ her tbh)

but as friends, too!!! like i’m dying for them to bring jenny back so that mike has a friend and i always love the way people write jenny in fics (as the bestest best friend) so i think katrina would also be a great friend for mike. they kinda brought out the best in each other as well as being little shits to each other and i really liked their friendship.

so if it’s an unpopular opinion then so be it but we can be unpopular together fam

#teammitrina xo

An Ode To Coffee

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Fandom: Suits

Characters: Mike Ross / Katrina Bennett

“I have a paper due tomorrow and it’s three am, I need all your coffee cause I ran out” college au with Mike and Katrina.


I really like the relationship between Mike and Katrina. I wish they would have more screentime together. So here’s a little something I put together from a list of AU’s found on Tumblr. This may continue as an AU drabble series. We shall see. I put this together really quickly, so sorry if there’s any mistakes. Hope you enjoy!

The words begin to blur before her and Katrina knows that she is so screwed.

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Mike Ross and Katrina Bennett

Been watching Suits since season 1 and I can’t get away from this hit American series. I haven’t watched any series wherein the setting is in a law firm. From an outsider, you can justify that a series that is mainly represented by characters that are lawyers would be heavy or boring. Perhaps, others agree but I don’t. This is a great series for all aspiring lawyers out there and to those who just love to get the real ass-kicking scenes in a professional setting.

But what caught my attention is not just a black woman who leads this big firm in Manhattan (talking about double marginalization here) but Mike Ross and a possible romantic tension with Katrina Bennett. I know that Katrina Bennett is just irritating when she stepped into the firm. However, Katrina has changed this season 3. Though she still has this undying competitive side, she now knows how to meddle with the people at the firm. Gladly, you can notice it when Mike and Katrina were both tasked to study on Ava Hesington’s case. Right from expecting a conflict between these two characters, it turns out they can work together at the end. In that scene, I can’t stop but apprehend a future romance between Mike and Katrina. It is, then, much more emphasized when Rachel Zane was jealous about this.

Though it’s scary that more characters now know Mike’s secret, this Mike Ross and Katrina Bennett (and Harvey and Donna) thing got me expecting. Hopefully, I’m not the only one who has this sentiment. Can’t wait for it!

I’m catching up on Suits and YESSSSS Katrina. And we got glorious Mike/Katrina scenes. She pulled some strings because she wanted to work with him. And then:    

“Mike. I know you think this deal sucks. But there is a silver lining. We got to work together again.”

And he basically agreed. And they were cute. And they actually brought up a romantic angle. Even though she clearly respects his relationship with Rachel.

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