Thanks again to my friend Mike Inez​​ for always giving us the VIP treatment at the Alice In Chains shows. From his days with Ozzy and AIC, I’ve always loved his music and playing and it’s so cool to see so many other people loving it, too. Nicest guy in rock n’ roll that deserves every bit of his success! #aliceinchains #ozzy #rocknroll #choctaw #mikeinez #roadtrip

my mind: a mess

my body: a mess

my room: a mess

my life: a mess

my music taste: a fucking masterpiece of perfection and all that is good


Layne Staley// Alice In Chains// Best Performances

“No matter who was in the room, I noticed this, everybody would always look at Layne. People wouldn’t even know who he was, and they’d go, “Wow, who is that guy?” You know? He just had this energy about him, and this very compelling thing about him.”- Mike Inez