Can you believe


  • Alexander Hamilton and John Laurens
  • Eddie Kaspbrak and Richie Tozier
  • Stan Uris and Mike Hanlon
  • Keith Kogane and Lance McClain
  • Percy Jackson and Nico Di Angelo
  • Shane Dawson and Ryland Adams

Created Love?


You can’t convince me other wise, so good luck.

Richie Tozier wears ponytails.

Hell he’ll wear pigtails if the situation demands it. he’s got longish hair enough for a small ponytail. He likes his hair long it’s easier for more people to play with it. When he’s working in class on a long project he puts it up a few strands escaping, but only until hes done with the work that period. Then it comes right back down. Richie’s got a lot of energy so one of his favorite times of the day is gym and you bet his hair goes up, maybe hes even walking to gym class with his ponytail in and his signature worn out jean jacket on. Now that’s enough for both genders to swoon even just for a moment. Any time he thinks its hot his hair is up. He always has a few stands hanging loosely around his face. Anytime Bev sees this she smirks knowing what Rich is doing and shes proven right about most every time. Eddie instantly huffs and slides his fingers across Richie’s face moving the lose strands behind his ear. Rich sometimes hopes Eddie doesn’t notice him leaning into the touch. Richie some how ended up volunteering at a local daycare and the little girls instantly fell in love with him, and his long hair. Hair clips and Hair ties where everywhere, and the girls graciously let Richie leave like that and that’s how he met up with the losers that night, that’s also how Bill ended up with a Polaroid picture of what Mike called a masterpiece.One time it was just Eddie and Richie in Richie’s room, his hair was up and he was teasing Eddie with no mercy they landed in a mischievous position and without thinking twice Eddie leaned up towards Richie and captured his lips in slow but heavy kiss. Richie having his full attention on kissing Eddie back almost didn’t notice Eddies hands moving their way into the curly hair and slowly undoing Richie’s ponytail pulling back from the kiss just as slowly, his hair falling and covering his red cheeks. Eddie had never seen Richie so dazed and speechless before. The next day Ben asked Eddie why he had a hair tie on his wrist if his hair wasn’t long enough? Eddies simple response was “It’s a prize I won.” Stan rolling his eyes getting the hint and knowing damn well Richie could hear. Eddie never takes it off, Richie never wants him too.

Thank you that is all.

A Losers Club Halloween!

So this halloween I am doing a big fan share with various prompts and things like that, it can be fanart, fanfiction, moodboards anything you want relating to IT and halloween.

All prompts will be given on the first of October.

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🎈 IT CHAPTER II🎈 THE LOSERS CLUB OFFICIAL CAST » Jessica Chastain as Beverly MarshJay Ryan as Ben HanscomIsaiah Mustafa as Mike Hanlon • Bill Hader as Richie TozierAndy Bean as Stanley UrisJames McAvoy as Bill DenbroughJames Ransone as Eddie Kaspbrak