mike and mona

does anyone else notice how emily is supposed to be the sweet cinnamon roll yet she’s always the one making the most graphic comments?

exhibit A

exhibit B

exhibit C

exhibit D

and my favorite, exhibit E

oh, my emily fields


teachers in cinema (1/?): Mona Lisa Smile (2003) dir. Mike Newell

You stand in class and tell us to look beyond the image, but you don’t. To you a housewife is someone who sold her soul for a center hall colonial. She has no depth, no intellect, no interests. You’re the one who said I could do anything I wanted. This is what I want.

PLL preferences - They confess that they’re in love with you.

Most of your upcoming relationship is long distance, which means you don’t see him very often. Whenever he’s back you almost spend the whole time together. This time he asks you to pick him up at the station and he is standing there with a cardboard saying.
“I love you.” with a lot of balloons. Something that isn’t typically for Jason, which makes it even more cuter
Ezra would send you an english literature book, the most romantic one there is probably and puts a little note in every chapter with his favorite quote. When you return it to him he tells you that he loves you.
You sleep over at Toby’s and you had a really nice evening. The morning after he gives you breakfast in bed and says:
“for the lady who I love so much and I want to spend the rest of my life with if that’s okay.”
And you love that really much.
Caleb confessing his love to you would be really cute. You would’ve been friends for a little while and been getting closer and closer and then he sets you a cute screensaver which says: “hey (Y/N), you know who I am. And I love you with all my heart.” and that’s how you find out.
Wren tells you he loves you while you’re clubbing. You both had something to drink and he seems to have the courage when with alcohol in his body. Never the less you think it’s really cute.
Noel would be one of those guys who makes it very simple. You would be spending time together and he would randomly tell you how much he loves you while hugging you.
Mike and you are really really close and it wouldn’t take long for Mike to tell you he loves you. Which he does through a simple, but cute video message.
Hanna and you would be watching romantic movies a lot. And one day, because she likes you so much, she decides to do one of the scenes in those movies. Which you ofcourse totally love.
Spencer would tell you on Valentines day with a huge bear and a card. She usually isn’t like this, but for you she’s willing to do that.
Mona would be really cute and suprise you with a suprise party for your birthday. Then in front of the whole crew she would hold a speech telling that she’s in love with you.
Alison would be gone for a while, because of A. But you still love her since you met and she does too. One day you get a letter which says: “Hey (Y/N), I miss you and I wish I could come back. But I cannot, not yet.
But I send you this to tell you that I love you. I love you my dearest (Y/N) and once I’m safe, we will be happy together.”
Aria would tell you through a photograph. She loves her camera and she loves you and she decided to combine the two together. She does a photoshoot of you one day and in the end includes one photographes which says
“I love you” with you in the background of the photograph.
Emily would take you on a date and give you flowers. It’s the typical way of telling someone you love them and she thinks it’s the way you love it.

A little thought...

Can you imagine a movie or spin-off where Alex escapes from Mona’s dollhouse and wants revenge for all those years she was locked up because, yeah, she hates all of them? Just imagine a happily married Emison, raising their teenagers twins and maybe a little boy, Haleb happily married, also with their teenager son/daughter, Ezria happily married with their adoptive kids and Spoby finally getting married, Mona finally being part of the group living happily in love with Mike yes, I shipped them really hard. 

I think some people forget that Sasha was 12 yrs old in the pilot. TWELVE. She literally developed/pubertised throughout the show. While all the other girls are in their mid Twenties, Sasha just turned 19. Shes still a Teenager and its not right for her to be harassed about her body when its still developing. She shouldn’t have to post a message explaining what her body is going through. Can we all focus on her amazing acting skills instead of her physical appearance.