mike's pizza

the losers club pizza preferences

bill: a basic hoe, plain cheese or pepperoni 

ben: meatlovers, taco, and buffalo chicken - bc someone needs to spice up bill’s order

mike: veggie pizza! bc he’s vegetarian 

stan: shares the veggie pizza with mike, sometimes orders pesto

richie: supreme, PINEAPPLE & HAM

eddie: usually sticks to his plain cheese with bill (maybe sneaks some of ben’s if he’s feeling adventurous)

bev: chicken alfredo (she stays away from red sauce after the bathroom incident)


warnings: implications of rape/sexual abuse, crying, cussing, friendship.

a/n: this is one of the fluffiest things I've written and it’s still super angsty. list of prompts here. send messages and suggestions here. masterlist here

“Good night, Bevy,” he said as he left her room, closing the door behind him.

It had happened again. Beverly didn’t think it was something that would ever stop. She waited until she could hear the tv from the other room. The red-headed girl stood, tears falling silently from her eyes, and dressed, stuffing some clothes into a bag. She made her way to the window and left down the fire escape.

Everything on her body ached, she had scrapes on her knees and back, bruises on her wrists and ribs. Nothing was okay anymore. It hurt to sit on her bike, so she stood on the petals as she made the fifteen minute trip to Richie’s.

Richie was the only one of the losers to know about what happened to her, not even bill or ben knew. She had debated telling mike before, but it never seemed right. Richie understood.

It was cold that night. Her bruised skin gathered into goosebumps as the chilly air nipped at her. She hadn’t grabbed a jacket before leaving. She didn’t care too much.

When Beverly arrived at Richie’s she went around to the side of the one-story home. Still crying she knocked on his bedroom window. The curtains were shut. She could see a light on. The curtains moved to reveal a face. It wasn’t Richie’s.

“Hey, thanks fo- Beverly?” Eddie spoke. Fuck. “You’re not the pizza guy, are you alright?” Richie was at the window as fast as possible pulling the pale girl into the room. Once she entered, it turned into a hug, Beverly crying into Richie’s shirt. Eddie looked at Richie with a confused look.

“Could you give us a minute?” Richie asked Eddie, who nodded still confused. Eddie left the room. Richie pulled away from the hug, holding Beverly’s face in his hands. He leaned down to look at her, wiping tears from under her red puffy eyes. Somehow, the bloodshot made the blue more vibrant.

“Everything hurts.” Beverly whimpered quietly.

“Where does it hurt?” She gestured to a few different spots and then held out her wrists. Purple bracelets stained her skin. Richie pulled her back into a tight, but gentle hug. Lips kissing the top of her head.

Meanwhile, outside of the room, Eddie was greeted with the rest of the boys. “Is the pizza here?” Mike asked. Eddie shook his head, confusion still present on his face.

“W-w-where’s Ri-Richie?” Bill asked.

“With Beverly.” The others looked at him equally as confused.

“I didn’t know she was coming,” Ben said. Richie’s parents were away at some convention for dentists, so he decided to have his friends over for a ‘guys night’ (it was a sleepover. They’re all lying to themselves). The only reason his mom went was that she didn’t trust his father.

“I didn’t either. She just sorta, showed up crying.” Eddie explained.

“She’s crying?” Ben asked.

“Yeah, and Richie asked for a minute. I have no clue whats going on, but it seemed serious.” Eddie continued. Bill remained quiet. Ben started panicking a little, every thought possible going through his head. Mike’s face twisted with concern. Stan’s did the same.

Richie continued to hold Beverly. Beverly continued to cry. “I’m sorry I came when Eddie was here.” She told him. Richie laughed softly.

“It’s okay. We were just waiting for pizzas. It’s no big deal.” He whispered. Beverly started to breathe easy for a second. “Just so you know the others are here too.” Richie blurted out. Beverly’s eyes went wide.

“What?” Beverly asked, pulling out of the hug. She wasn’t planning on this. She was planning on telling them at some point and it never really felt right. The mood was never depressing enough to talk about the shit she goes through.  

“I can make them leave if you want.” Richie offered.

“No, don’t do that.” She replied quickly. She wiped the tears from under her eyes and sat quietly for a minute. All the thoughts running through her brain. A series of what ifs. Richie watched her closely, he didn’t want her to do anything she didn’t want to do. He just wanted her pain to go away. “I could tell them.”

The silence in the room barred down on the two of them after she spoke. Her words hung in the air like something stuck in a spider web. “You- you don’t have to do that. I know it was hard to tell me-”

“I’m gonna do it.” She said, clearing her throat. She hugged Richie once more before Richie opened the door for her. The boys still outside of it. She wasn’t expecting to be confronted with it immediately, but she stood there and told the boys why she was there, she told them what happens, everything. She didn’t know what response she was expecting. Maybe disgust. Perhaps anger. But she was met with love and acceptance.

Hugs were shared and tears were shed, but movies were watched and popcorn popped. It was like everything was alright. Everything was normal, but no one wanted her to have to go back home. Because even though they had all been facing a monster for weeks, Beverly had been facing one her entire life.

Mike Wheeler || Dungeons & Dragons

A/N: This is my first Stranger Things imagine! I am now accepting Stranger Things request so feel free to send them in and I hope everyone enjoys!

“What the hell are they doing?” Nancy muttered out angrily as she slammed her book on the bed. Loud slams of doors, yells, and stomping of feet came from the room below Nancy’s, signaling that her brother and his friends were home. “When you were Mike’s age, we were just as bad.” Her eyes rolled at that, “ok, but not all the time like they are. Plus, you’re a only a year older than them and you’re not as rambunctious as they are.”

“That’s because I hang out with an older crowd, Nancy, skipping grades does that. I’ve always had you and Barb as friends,” both of your faces fell at the mention of Barb’s name. It was always hard to talk about her, especially once you learned the truth of what happened to her. You quickly moved to change the subject off of late your friend, “I mean, the only time I interact with kids my age is when your brother and his friends are here.” You teased as you uncrossed your legs, “they are just having fun. I mean, we are all really mature for our age.”

Nancy rolled her eyes, “you’re just saying that because you like Mike… which is still gross by the way.” You scoffed, “you’re just biased since he’s your brother.”

Silence fell over the two of you as you both turned your attention turned back to your books to jot down notes, “plus, Nancy,” she shifted her gaze to you, your eyes never left your book, “there’s nothing saying he likes me, so no need to worry.”

Nancy shook her head with a smirk, “whatever you say, Y/N.” Before you could get your teasing remark out, a knock at the door cut you off as the both of you turned to look, “yeah?”

The door opened and Mike’s head peeked in, “just wanted to let you know that we have pizza downstairs… if you want any.” His eyes darted around the room nervously, “no-“

“Sure, thanks Mike!” You cut Nancy off, she shot you a glare, “I’m not turning down free pizza, Nance, and a break would be nice. Lighten up, I’ll bring you a piece.” You quickly climbed off the bed and Mike opened the door up for you before he followed you downstairs.

“So, are you two studying for a test?” Mike started as he walked beside you down the stairs, “yeah, it’s for chemistry tomorrow.” You shot the other boys a smile as you entered the dining room, “hey, guys!”

“Hey, Y/N!” Despite how Nancy held the ‘I’m the big sister, don’t talk to me,’ phase, you would talk to the boys whenever you saw them. It just did not seem right to treat them as if they were below you since you skipped grades, “what are you guys up to?”

“Getting ready for another campaign,” Dustin’s voice was muffled from the pizza as he grinned at you. “Dungeons and Dragons.” Lucas illiterates for you, his shook his head at Dustin, “mouth closed, dude.”

“You can join, if you want.” Mike spoke up, his face lit up with a smile, “wish I could, but I’m studying with Nance.” His face dropped at that, “but I’ll definitely come down after and watch.”

A smile rose back to his face and he shifted his weight, “Sounds-sounds great.”

With a smile, you grabbed two slices of pizza, “thanks for the pizza, Mike. I’ll see you guys in a few!” You gave a soft wave as you made your way upstairs, “dude, your whipped as shit,” Dustin’s voice broke through before you could close the door, your cheeks burned and Nancy raised an eyebrow, “what happened down there?”

You placed her slice of pizza in front of her as you sat down and crossed your legs Indian style, “nothing. The boys just asked if I wanted to join them for a game after we finished studying.”

Nancy hummed as she took a bite of her pizza, “are you going to?” With a slight nod, you opened your book, lightly chewing, “yeah, probably.”

“If Dustin thinks Mike’s whipped, he should see you.” Her tone was teasing, your eyes snapped up, “oh, my God. Nancy stop.” She laughed as your blush returned, “what? It’s so true!”

With a huff, you threw yourself back on the bed as you stared up at the ceiling, “you’re never going to let this go.”

“Probably not.” She had a grin on her face as she the two of you finished up the chapter. Stretching your back, you lifted your hands over your head, “you should come with, the boys aren’t that bad.”

The phone ringing cut off her answer, “I’m good, thanks though.”

She answered the phone and her face immediately lit up, quickly you gathered your books and shot her a look, “see you tomorrow, Nance!”

“See you tomorrow!” As you were closing the door she called out, “hey, remember we are meeting before school to study!”

“I got it, I got it.” You laughed as you closed the door and made your way downstairs, “hey, Mrs. Wheeler. Hey, Holly.” You grinned as you passed by and waved at Holly, “hey, Y/N. Are you two already finished studying?”

“We are, but we are going to meet in the morning and go over anything we may have missed.”

You held a short conversation with Mrs. Wheeler before you excused yourself to the basement. You could hear the boys talking excitedly about the game. “Y/N, your done sooner than expected.” Will’s voice made everyone turn to the stairs as you hopped off the last step and sat next to Mike, “yeah, we figured we’d call it a night.”

“I heard the phone ring, I bet it’s Steve.” Lucas teased as he elbowed Dustin.

“Do you want to join?” Will turned his attention back to you, “no, I’m just going to watch. I don’t really know how to play.”

“You can help me,” Mike shot you a smile and pushed the book he was holding towards you and you grabbed the edge of the book. His shoulder pressed against yours and his free hand followed the words as he read out loud. You watched the emotion his face held and listened to the excitement in his voice as he read. Every once in a while, Mike’s eyes would land on you and he would give you a smile and you could feel his leg bounce against yours.

After a few hours the game came to an end, “man, we better go.” Lucas said as he glanced at his watch. Will and Dustin silently agreed as they packed up the game then their belongings, “see ya tomorrow, Mike. See ya later, Y/N.” They called as they climbed on their bikes and took off. You made your way to your bike and picked it up as you turned back to Mike, “thank you for inviting me to watch the game. I had fun.”

“No problem, maybe next time we can teach you a little more so you can play.” Mike rubbed the back of his neck, “sounds great.” You smiled softly, “I, uh, I better go. I’ll see you later, Mike.”

You pushed off and rode to the end of the driveway, “wait!” You turned to see Mike running up to you, “if you want, we are meeting up after school at the arcade, if you wanna come.”

You leaned forward and pressed a kiss against his cheek, “I’ll be sure to swing by.” He blushed, his eyes watching as you rode off with a goodbye loud enough for him to hear. Tonight had been a fortunate turn of events.

My seacon sns adventure!

So as a joke i snap chatted jason manns saying i was coming straight from work did he want pizza and he said yes please. So i take a a couple pizzas but he’s in sound check so i had to give to someone from creation who is drilling me about it like I’m smuggling in a bomb or something.

He hits me up saying sorry and he wanted to come get it to say thank you and he will try and find me after.

So it’s after he isn’t responding so i make it all the way to my car and he’s like where are you! So i go back and he gives me terrible directions and no-one from creation believes I’m supposed to be there so i go back to the stage and tell him to find me.

Norton is off to the side and i am staring a little bit and he sees me and says my name and calls me over. Take selfies but my phone won’t load the camera so I’m just standing with his arm around me while he laughs at my frustration.

Manns comes out and says hi with obligatory small talk and billy comes up and calls me the pizza girl takes selfies with me and says was delicious and thanks.

We are all walking out together and then robs right in front of me so i ask for a pic and his handlers say no. He grins all mischievous and says he can do one better.
Ducks around the handlers and gives me a bear hug.

What is my life? I almost didn’t go. Best night ever. Also mike was there the whole time but i forgot to take a pic because i suck

The first time Mike tries to tell El that he loves her, he loses his nerve just as the words are coming out of his mouth and it goes a little something like: 

“El, I, uh, well I love—” Mike pauses, afraid, trying to ignore the pounding of his heart against his ribcage.  

“Yes?” El smiles up at him from her spot on the sofa, eyes wide, encouraging him to go on. 

“I love, uh, pizza?” Mike mentally kicks himself—several times—as the words leave his mouth. Why was he such a wastoid? 

“Do you want to order pizza?” El asks, her face scrunched up in confusion, a similar expression to whenever she would encountered a difficult math problem. 

“Yeah,” Mike sighs, put out by his own inability to muster the courage to tell El just how much he likes her. El nods and stands, walking towards the kitchen where Hopper keeps the phone. She pauses in the doorway and turns to look back at Mike, a small smile on her face. 

“Mike?” she says quietly. He looks at her, trying to hide the blush on his cheeks by resting his head in his hands. “I love pizza too.” 

With that, she retreats into the kitchen, but Mike is certain there was something knowing in her voice, something that set his heart to hammering all over again.