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Where is Mike in the Ice short?

Mike can be seen at the beginning of the short here

And then again near the ending with Ray

although, he is not seen at the end in the group picture, which features all the main characters,

Even Ray can be seen in the background, and yet no Mike (not that I can see). Maybe he left early. 


Wonder why he didn’t want to be in the group shot

The baes Algee Smith and Keith Powers <3 *creds to owner*


so i saw sing the other day and it was so good and pure ?! the characters are relatable and all so lovable ,, i’d really recommend seeing it ! (i cried way too many times)

anywAY i had these human design things stuck in my head after watching

Okay, mr. snazzy koala and sinatra mouse were pretty fun.

I’m just,,,,really obsessed with Sing and it’s taking over my life :( :(