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richie: this date is boring

eddie: this isn’t a date. i said i was going to the store

richie: then why did you invite me?

eddie: i didn’t. i specifically said “don’t come with me” then you said “fuck you eddie i’ll do whatever i want!”


A little work in progress of Bill, Georgie, and The Loser’s Club! Wanted to draw all of them to help make me feel better and also make something so heart warming.

Note: I suck at drawing Mickey Mouse Ears and Hands…. forgive me for the wonky pic.

eddie: most people that meet me don’t know that i’m gay

stan: eddie, blind and deaf people know you’re gay. dead people know you’re gay

eddie: richie, did you know i was gay when you met me?

richie: my dog knew

The Swift and the Sparrow (Stan Uris x Reader Imagine)

Summary:  Stan loves to bird watch, and he loved to do it alone at least until you came along. 

Warnings: As fluffly as it can be! Nervous Stan <3

Word Count:  1650

Note: I don’t know my birds so dont come after me please, I only know what a swift is because it’s my patronus lol also, this came out LONGER than anticipated and he’s a little out of character for my taste….but anywho enjoy! :)) 

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Stan sat impatiently on the bench, his binoculars resting around his neck, and his bird album resting on his lap. His right leg was bouncing up and down, nervous and anxious about something that the people walking by wondered.

They were used to seeing Stan here, because most of the people of Derry were aware of his bird watching hobby. He was usually private about it, but when he learned that birds were always at the park when it was closer to dark because it was so empty, he came here often. The people were used to seeing him already holding his binoculars to his eyes, pointed directly to the bird bath located at the center of the park.

But this time, Stan looked so troubled. He was looking around every few seconds, and it was a surprise that his album wasn’t on the floor by how much he was moving. It made them wonder what he was waiting for, or who he was waiting for. They wouldn’t know or probably even care enough. So, they continued on their way leaving the nervous boy alone on the bench.

Part of the reason Stan was so nervous was that he was afraid that the Bowers gang would see him here, and ruin everything like always. But the real reason was that…well…he was waiting for you.

Yeah, you! The one who had snuck up on him on his bird watch of last week, the one who sat so close to him, the one that had an actual interest in his activity, the one who helped him identify the different birds, and even called him cool.

And thanks to that, now Stan didn’t want to bird watch alone. He wanted you there with him, it was funner with you than being all by himself. Mostly because of that excited look you had when you correctly identified a bird, and when you laughed at something he said. You laughed. So therefore, when he caught up to you when he saw you with your friends at the movie theaters, he invited you to join him after encouragement by his friends.

“Just grow a pair and ask them- I’m sure if they enjoyed it the first time, then they’d want to do it again” Beverly had said after the many bad advice Richie had given him. Stan took a deep breath and nodded in agreement.

And boy, was he happy he asked you.

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okay baiii :)

someone’s out there, waiting for me [ richie tozier x reader ]

summary: richie loves (name), but she moved away

warnings: angst i guess

a/n: tbh super angsty these days. song fic, actually, SONG HERE: cuco - lava lamp . also, requested by anon:  Firstly, I love your writing!!❤ but can you please do a Richie x reader in which the reader and Richie build up a relationship starting with friendship and she’s one of the few people who love his sense of humour? Then during the IT attack, the reader is almost killed by Pennywise. Please can there be loads of fluff? 

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You’re a million miles away
The bridge between winter and summer
Seems like a bummer, but it’s worth the wait

You and Richie Tozier had been friends since kindergarten, and he had had such a fiery crush on you all those years and hid it not as skillfully as he had imagined he did. His group of friends – The Losers Club, - had known about this puppy love for years now and never failed to tease and belittle him for it. All in good spirits, of course, mostly just for him to man up and ask you out before someone else did. You were a popular girl, hung out with the popular kids and listened to popular songs and you very rarely saw Richie Trashmouth Tozier, or the Losers for that matter. That doesn’t mean that once you did all meet up you weren’t the sweetest, kindest and in a sense dorkiest, of the bunch and you always laughed at Richie jokes even when no one else would. Which was pretty often.

And Richie misses you. He misses you so much that the summer air isn’t as warm and the sun doesn’t shine as bright. He tried to forget you. Forget your smile, forget the strange motions you did with your hands when you talked, forget your adorable laughter and eyes that burned like embers in the dark. But he can’t. You are so far away, and he can’t help but wonder, staring into the depths of his bedroom ceiling, do you miss him just as much as he misses you?

You promised to call him. You promised to visit as soon as next summer. And next summer came. But there isn’t a trace of you left behind.

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Pairings: Richie Tozier x Reader, Richie Tozier x Female Reader

Genre: Fluff?

Word Count: 658

Requested: Yes

Warnings: body shaming, fat shaming, self esteem issues, Henry being a dick, swearing.

A/N: I hope you all are having a great day! Keep sending in requests!


It was no lie that Y/N didn’t like the way she looked. There were many little things here and there that she didn’t care for, whether that be her hair, or her eyes or any of the other small things she despised. However, there was always one huge thing she wished she could change. Her weight. She’d go from having good days and feeling super body confident to having terrible days where she felt disgusting and desired only to change.

Bev, her best friend, always told her how beautiful she was and that she should never think of changing because she was perfect but Y/N could never bring herself to completely believe the words the Beverly was constantly throwing her way. Bev sometimes said it to Y/N like a mantra, and repeated it while soothing her upset friend but that usually worked as a short time fix, not a longtime one.

It didn’t help that everyone at her school were either close minded or, to put it frank, assholes. In particular, one infamous group of bullies known more predominantly as ‘The Bowers Gang.’ Lead by Henry Bowers, his gang were known for picking on easy targets, to be specific, the losers club. The amount of times Henry or Patrick had spewed hate at Y/N or said no one would ever love her, was endless, but that didn’t stop Y/N from developing a crush on her fellow friend, known as, the Trashmouth Tozier.


“You know, Y/N, I always heard fat girls were lazy… but look at you! You’re practically running to get away from us!” Henry taunted as he stood surrounded by his goons while they laughed, only encouraging them further.

Y/N had actually found the other two members of the gang, Belch and Vic, to be quite pleasant when they weren’t influenced by their peers. They usually left her alone but Henry and Patrick could be deemed ruthless towards her.

Before Y/N could react or say anything back to Henry - if she could work up the courage - she was cut off by said crush.

“Hey, Bowers, why don’t you fuck off, huh?” Richie bravely shouted at his and his crushes tormentor.

“You are so going to regret that, four eyes!”


“You didn’t have to do that for me, Richie.”

“I know.” Richie began, “But I wanted to.”

The two friends were sat on Y/N’s bed as she pulled worked on fixing the numerous bruises that were scattered across Richie’s face.

“It’s just, he’s such an asshole, Y/N, and you don’t deserve that. You’re beaut-” Richie stopped in the middle of the sentence, cursing himself for letting it slip out. He couldn’t have you finding out he had the biggest crush on him, not when he thought the feeling wasn’t mutual. This didn’t go unnoticed by Y/N though, she heard it loud and clear. A pink tint flashed over her cheeks as she shot her head down and coughed to try to break the silence.

“You’re all done. You should be fine, just try not to get into anymore fights. Okay, Richie?”

“Can’t make any promises.” He smirked and they both snickered at his reply.

“Oh and Richie, I think you’re beautiful too.”

The curly haired boy went red at the comment…. Y/N couldn’t possibly like him? Could she?

“Hey, Y/N, would you, maybe, want to go out sometime? I mean, only if you want to, of course. You don’t have to…. don’t just say yes because you feel like you have to… does that make sense? Of course it does, you’re smart!”

Obviously the boy was so inexperienced and it just made Y/N giggle. He was so flustered!

“I’d love that, Richie.”

The two lovebirds just grinned in sheer happiness at one another before Y/N engulfed him in a hug, to which Richie gladly returned. To anyone watching, the scene would’ve been beautiful.

Pennywise: I hate funerals, I never know what to say.

Some dead kid: just say “I’m sorry for your loss” and move on.

Pennywise: *to Bill* I’m sorry for your loss… move on.

Gay Chicken

pairing: fake dating!reddie

rating: undecided

All the characters are 17+ here!


“Are you asking me to play long term Gay Chicken, Tozier?”

His gaze hadn’t moved from his history book as he muttered the question, excluding the small notion of him shooting a confused glance towards his best friend. As much as he hated reading ten pages of general world history that’s been nailed into his brain in the course of an hour long class period, he’d take the boring text over getting dragged into one of Richie’s usually-bad-ending-games any day of the week.

… That’s only half a lie.

“Yes! Well, no, okay, listen to me Eds,” Richie put a quick finger up before he could be nagged about the nickname, “everyone already thinks we’re dating, so let’s make a challenge out if it. We pretend we’re dating, go on dates, hold hands, blah blah mushy mushy feelings gay shit, and whoever falls in love first, loses.” A messy grin was on Richie’s face, and as he held up a pinky as imaginative contract, Eddie could already feel himself signing it in bold black letters.
Eddie knows better, he’s known better since he took his first breath. There will always be hesitance in anything he does, simply because his mother could have said it was dangerous. Hell, his mother could’ve told him the clouds were made of toxic gas, and he would’ve never left the house again. Now being older, more mature and a little less naive to the world, he knew it was all just a facade to keep him to herself. Unfortunately, his mother would always remain as the voice of his demons.

He finally looked up from his book, a small pause in his movements as he searched Richie’s all too excited eyes. “I dunno Richie, this could end in, both very bad ways.” As the years went on, the Loser Gang drifted. Of course, they still hung out every once and awhile, Bill dragging everyone to his house for a movie night, or Mike insisting everyone to come and relax in the barn for a while to catch up. It hadn’t made him miss the quarry meetups or the barrens any less, of course, and losing Richie to a stupid, emotionally dangerous game could very well teeter him off the edge.
“Oh c’mon Eddie! This could be a master plan! Even if one of us don’t go gay for each other, we can always use it to prank the fuck out of the losers.” Eddie doesn’t quite understand how fucking with his feelings could be a prank to his slightly distanced friends, but Richie seemed to have his heart set on this. “Are you sure this isn’t just an excuse to ask me on a date, Trashmouth?” Eddie snarked with a grin, holding his pinky against Richie’s, not hooking it just yet.

“Nah, sorry dude, my heart forever belongs to your mother and her fat pussy.” Richie replied with a dramatic voice. The asthmatic of the two made a disgusted face, hooking his pinky with Richie’s in a quick motion.

“You got a deal, asshole, may the most… lovable win?”
Richie twisted his hand, his palm against Eddie’s as he interlocked their fingers. Eddie’s heartbeat picked up and he could feel it quicken in his chest.

May the most lovable win.”


heY u fuckin guys this is just a preview for a fic i hope i can get the motive to write. i saw a post somewhere talking abt a fake dating!reddie and i fucking ADORE that trope so! i decided to try and see if this would spark any interest.

please tell me if I have any mistakes! rb’s are very appreciated!

Reddie Soulmate AU Headcanons Part 1/17

strap in kiddos

this is referencing THIS POST 

also the way richie and eddie meet will change because these are all different AUs

mentions of stenbrough

@i-am-never-getting-my-life-back helped ofc :^) (Also known as si, whose ideas i will be crediting)

part 1 /2 /3 /4 /5/6/7/8/9/10/11/12/13/14/15/16/17

part 2 will be posted tomorrow

1. Red String of Fate: The ring finger of soulmates are connected by a red string. Some people can see them and some can’t. The strings gain more threads once the soulmates find each other, but if one soulmate starts to die, the threads will slowly turn black and fade away.

  • richie has always been able to see his string but eddie cant
  • one day bill is bringing richie with to meet his friend, eddie, and richie stops in his tracks when he realizes that his string is leading into the house in front of him
  • “W-W-What’s wrong, R-Richie?”
  • richie just holds up his ring finger and bill KNOWS (bill can see his string, its attached to stan and they’ve known for years)
  • richie is highkey scared cause this is his SOULMATE but he tries to play it off, but bill still has to encourage him to come up to the door with him
  • when eddie answers he greets bill and richie and richie turns red when he realizes eddie cant see his own string
  • richie doesnt say anything and just stares and eddie asks bill what the fuck is wrong with his friend
  • richie, holding up his ring finger and saying nothing cause hes speechless that this beautiful boy in front of him is HIS SOULMATE
  • eddie: “what are you-… wait-”
  • bill stands there smiling like an idiot
  • (eddie has an asthma attack)
  • decades later, when eddie is dying in the sewer, richie loses it when he sees the string fading to black
  • richie later cuts off the string because he cant stand looking at the blackness of it, constantly reminding him that he lost his soulmate
  • ALTERNATE ENDING (by si): eddies in surgery to repair his arm when richies string starts to turn black
  • richie starts crying and the losers realize that richie can see his string fading and they all freeze up
  • slowly his string brightens back to red
  • later, the doctor comes out and says they lost eddie for a bit but they got him back

feel free to add your own headcanons