Can we please take a moment to appreciate Mike? Before Levi arrived, Mike was humanity’s strongest. Their greatest hero, and Erwin’s right hand man. But, one day, a street rat joined the Survey Corps, and Mike wasn’t the strongest anymore. His years of training couldn’t compare to a kid from the underground, and he slowly faded into the background of society, now that he wasn’t their hero. People began to see his faults and eccentricities, now that he was only humanity’s second strongest. Even his best friend, Erwin seemed to favor the new man over him, giving the other man the position of second in command instead of Mike, who’d stood beside him for years. But, Mike didn’t give up. He kept fighting, even though no one was watching anymore. He still protected humanity with all of his heart. He fought side by side with the man who’d taken his title, and he didn’t bear any sort of grudge. 

He died protecting humanity, even though he knew that no one other than his few friends would mourn his loss, because he wasn’t humanity’s strongest anymore. 

To me, that’s why everyone should love Mike Zacharius. He was a hero, even though no one saw it in the end. 


"and so it was decreed, that each year the twelve districts of Panem shall offer up in tribute one male and one female, to be trained in the art of survival, and to be prepared to fight to the death."

Loosely based off This