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There's a pic on twitter of MPG yesterday at a wedding with his glorious beard and his hair slicked back. He looks so good.

omg thank you anon! is it tagged in some way? I can’t seem to find it :/


bladgley said: I see it twitter.com/helenrc…

AWW SHIT NIICE (now imagine Mike Lawson in exactly this suit…beautiful) ((also maybe also imagine Ginny in a beautiful dress at the same event and they dance AMAZING)

Hello! For those who liked/reblogged my Bawson mug post a few days ago and wanted to know where I bought it: I’m from Brazil and I have a friend who makes all kinds of handmade products and crafts, illustrations aaand she’s on Etsy! To purchase cute Pitch mugs follow the links below:

Bawson Combo: 2 Mugs + 2 Bookmarks

Ginny Mug “I’m the boss.”

Bawson Mug

Ugh I’m so upset about this. It’s like someone over at fox decided to create the cynical, bearded, veteran-catcher character of my dreams and cast Mark Paul fucking Gosselaar to play him. Oh, and then they stuck him in a narrative with a gorgeous, stubborn young protege whom he has to take under his wing, and topped it all off with a good swirl of fairly blatant unresolved sexual tension and a complicated hero-worship/burgeoning-friendship dynamic, and sprinkled it all with some great acting chemistry. What did I do to deserve this dear lord in heaven?


Pitch - Season 1 - Episode 8 - Mike Jealous Scene (½)(2/2)

Omar: “Am I really the only one who’s noticed? It’s like we’re playing with a supermodel guys.”

Mike: “You get used to it”

Blip: “Javanes has nice eyes, but I still manage to focus on doing my job.”

Omar: “Nah man, it’s more than that.”

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