mike x ash

Guess who loved this movie? YAAAY
And… My OTP right there: Rosita and Buster. I can’t.

I have to find fanarts about them! Feel free to tag me, If you find some! ((NO NSFW PLEASE))

Btw, I was waiting for this movie for so long and now… I WATCHED IT TWICE!! It’s AWESOME!! 
I wanna draw a lot of stuff!!

Sorry If I didn’t post anything serious, but I was waiting for my new Cintiq! :D 

Sing ( Garth Jennings, Illumination  Entertainment)


We’ve got a mad, mad love {♥} Michael/Ashley

“This is my best friend, and the love of my life.”


ashley, none of it was wasted. every second that i spent with you was the only thing i ever wanted to do with my time. 

What was Josh planning for Sam?

Like he went through all the trouble to capture her, tie her up and everything. He also had a video camera on her. And her backpack with a flashlight and her clothes in it. What was his plan originally?? Like it was not in the plan for Mike to find her and help her get away. And for them to storm in on him with Ash and Chris.

But it WAS in the plan for him to reveal himself to Chris and Ash after the gun stuff. (Right?) Because obviously the bullets were blanks so he didn’t have anything else planned for the two right?? I think that part of the plan was just to get them to admit their feelings for each other and once that was accomplished their part was over. 

So what was he planning to do with Sam??? Part of me thinks that he wanted her to escape since he put her backpack right next to her but the other part of me thinks he had something else in mind. Another prank. Or maybe just scaring her into thinking he was dead was her prank and then he wanted her to get away? (Her punishment if you will) Thoughts?? 

Or is it supposed to be canon that she escaped the maniac? Since a lot of the clues and some totems are found by Sam if she escapes. But still if she escapes she’ll find the camera and chair there like he wanted to capture her. So… What was his endgame originally???? 

I just have a lot of questions ok. (Also was there a plan for Jess and Mike? I read a theory that he might have been planning to film them having sex. Which is super fucked up. What about Em and Matt?? Certainly he hadn’t planned for them to have to go back for the bag? Or maybe that was his plan and he was the one who took it?)  IDK HELP

Titanic; a love story

Valentine’s day is here, and love is in the air! For all of the theater family feelings and emotions are all starting to bloom, who will find the courage to confess their love and to whom will that confession be for? And how can everything go horribly wrong? Filled with ships that will only sink. Multiship!

Thank you @bgnsteal for this horribly great idea lol.

Read the sinking ship here!