mike with glasses

Headcanon that Mike has to get glasses and he feels self-conscious wearing them around El so he takes them off whenever she comes over. She notices and, remembering his explanation that he needed them to SEE, fixes him with that glare of hers.
“Mike. Where are your glasses? You can’t see.”
He avoids the question (and her eyes because they’re big and brown and beautiful and really distracting), telling her he’s just fine. Obviously she isn’t convinced (she can see COMPLETELY through this kid) so he finally gives in and puts them on.
“I look pretty stupid, huh?” He says with an embarrassed shrug.
She frowns and shakes her head. “You don’t look stupid, you look pretty.”
He doesn’t take his glasses off around El again.

Mike has to get glasses when he’s fourteen and, even though he doesn’t have to wear them all the time, he feels self conscious about them.

El insists he’s prettier with them and even uses her allowance to buy a cheap pair of drugstore glasses for herself in an effort to make Mike feel better.

Mike’s favourite thing, though, is when El playfully steals his glasses, puts them on, and makes dorky faces at him.