mike wendt

There are some very good films out now, but audiences aren't going to see them!

Instead of writing a delayed review of 50/50 , I want to state my case why you should see it as well as some other good quality films out there that are failing to connect with audiences as well as they should be.

50/50 is a very funny and charming take on a man who has cancer and how he deals with it. Right there the word cancer I’m guessing turns off a lot of people. But as presented here, I feel director Jonathan Levine (who made the underrated film THE WACKNESS) did a great job in mixing funny and serious. Joseph Gordon Levitt gives a good performance as does Seth Rogen as his best friend. I feel Rogen should consider taking more supporting roles, because this serves him well.

Another film that is struggling is DRIVE, I’ve already said in another post that it’s one of the best of the year but seemingly audiences hoping for the next FAST & FURIOUS film, are disappointed and are telling their friends. Perhaps DRIVE is too European or indie for mainstream audiences but try to catch it before it’s gone, you won’t be sorry!

WARRIOR is all but gone and it’s a shame because it too is a very good film. MONEYBALL is doing steady business but not exactly setting the box office on fire, and just this past weekend the good but not great IDES OF MARCH seemed to underperform considering the star power.

This summer it appeared many audiences were apathetic about too many sequel’s, prequel’s, re-boots, ect. Now Hollywood is releasing some real gems and they are struggling. I know I come from a different position because I am able to see many films for free, but trust me I go and pay to see as many films as I do see free ones. What I’m trying to say is, if you want better films, show the fat cats in Hollywood you are willing to see them. If not it looks like we’ll be seeing a lot of 3D re-releases of Disney movies.

Greater Purpose

Over the weekend I met with a good friend and we found ourselves having a pretty in depth conversation about a lot of things. Most specifically this friend is preparing herself to apply for something (that I will not share here at this moment), that requires her to include several essays. The one that really caught my attention was one about if she gets this thing she is applying for, what will be the greater purpose of this accomplishment.

This got me thinking about myself and my career/place in the film world, what is my greater purpose?

First off, I want to work on films that not only entertain but engage the audiences.
This is an obvious statement but must be said.

But one thing I have realized lately is that I love being someone that peers look to for advice and feedback. I’m still relatively young at 31, but a lot of the people I work with are in their early 20s. While I’m no expert everything film or life for that matter, I’m starting to feel like the age that I can be a mentor to some of these people, and in turn, they also teach me new things (in this biz I learn new things all the time) and I make great friends out of the deal.

My greater purpose becomes to make sure these people go off and make their own projects, and they pass their knowledge forward to the future up and coming filmmakers. So we then all become one big interconnected group of individuals. Collectively we make projects that will change the perception of a unoriginal industry whose films only include big budget Sci-Fi films, sequels, and remakes.

This is my mission , and who knows maybe I might sound a little out of my mind right now, but when I set a goal, I do not give up!