mike vaughan


Hammer Films Posters

Countess Dracula by Vic Flair; Frankenstein and the Monster from Hell & Fists of Vengeance by Bill Wiggins; Hands of the Ripper by Mike Vaughan; Twins of Evil by Mike Vaughan; The Curse of the Werewolf by Bill Wiggins; Rasputin The Mad Monk & The Reptile by Tom Chantrell; Dracula Has Risen from the Grave by Tom Chantrell.


Hammer posters by Mike Vaughan.

This month on The Poster Boys podcast: Hammer Horror Film Posters!

Best known for their gothic horror, Hammer Films produced motion pictures from the late 1950s until the 1970s that have since become classics of the genre. In celebration of the Halloween season, The Poster Boys look at the history surrounding the posters from several of their more notable releases. From The Mummy with Peter Cushing to Dracula AD 1972 with Christopher Lee, Brandon and Sam discuss the changes in marketing over the years, and examine some of their favorite pieces of Hammer key art from all corners of the world.

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