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When Kenny came back:

When Kenny blamed Clem for Sarita’s death:

When Luke slept with Jane:

When Mike + Bonnie + Arvo betrayed the group and shot Clem. then heard Kenny’s voice calling worriedly for her in the distance:

When season 2 ended: 

It’s been two long seasons…

« Gone but not forsaken »

(A special thanks to Ben, David, Mark, Irene, Andre, Chet, Andrew, Danny, Brenda, Jolene, Chuck, Anna, Vernon, Brie, The Stranger, Vince, Justin, Danny, Russell, Nate, Wyatt, Eddie, Leland, Dee, Roman, Stephanie, Shel, Becca, Tavia, Walter, Matthew, Reggie, Troy, Maybelle and Sam who are not in the picture but should be remembered anyway).

Things Telltale Could Have Done With Sarah and Nick:

Instead of killing them for no reason. (The serious version)


  • Have Sarah ask Clementine to make her into a survivor after she saves her, which will give you the option to cut her hair as well as teach her about using a gun if you haven’t already. 
  • At the beginning, she has more than a couple breakdowns, including in the shoot out with Russian group, but tries her best to stay calm and help.
  • Empathizes with and befriends Arvo during his short time with the group. 
  • Bonnie, Mike and Arvo possibly offering her to escape with them but rejecting the offer because she wants to stay with Clementine.
  • Is given a bit of medical knowledge, either from Carlos educating her himself or from her observing him after all these years. She finds medical books that she starts reading on a daily basis and even helps Clementine with her gunshot wound in episode 5. She ends up becoming the doctor of the group in season 3.
  • Despite learning of the horrors of the world, Sarah remains kind, enthusiastic and non-aggressive, well still being able to fight for herself. Proving that good people don’t need to change to survive the apocalypse
  • Learns from Lingard during her short time in the New Frontier. (If she lives)
  • The New Frontier refusing to let her leave with Clementine due to her medical abilities.
  • Using her as a bargaining chip so Clementine doesn’t attack or double cross them after being kicked out. 
  • Is either killed during a flashback or revealed to be long killed by The New Frontier for treason as a sad plot twist. (trying to get AJ back to Clementine, trying to escape)


  • Nick arguing and putting Luke in his place after he sleeps with Jane, giving the guy a serious reality check.
  • Trying to be there for Rebecca after she gives birth, noticing how ill and emotionally drained she is, and mourning her after her death. 
  • Confronts Kenny during those little times where Kenny is aggressive to Clementine (blaming her for sarita.etc)  and berates Luke 
  • Carrying Luke after he gets shot in the leg, even with his own gunshot wound in the shoulder. He tells the group to prioritize Luke’s gunshot over his. 
  • Tries to avoid getting close to AJ but fails, terribly.
  • Uncle figure to AJ. Older brother figure to Clementine. 
  • Gets sentimental with Luke and Clementine about the good ol’ days with the cabin group during Luke’s Birthday. 
  • Either saves Luke along with Clementine when they fall into the water, have there be a choice between saving him or Luke, or he sacrifices himself to save Luke (and Clementine?) 
  • If he lives, he nearly CRIES when Clementine gets shot because he thinks she’s died. Then later on he and Luke joke with her about the fact they all have matching gunshot wounds
  • Have the Jane ending option, the Kenny ending option, the alone option, the wellington option, AND a Luke and Nick option, where they bring AJ and Clementine back to the cabin. 
  • He, Luke and Clementine arrive back at the cabin and all of them flat out breakdown and start crying, looking like idiots as they start trying to comfort eachother well they’re all sobbing and its all a big mess of tears. 

I made this :D A new parody opening about twdg.

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The Walking Dead Game: S3EP1
The Walking Dead Game: S3EP1

Episode One of my audio episodes! I hope you enjoy! Episode 2 and 3 can be found here:

Episode 2

Episode 3

I think it’s safe to say that my addiction to The Walking Dead Game has reached new levels. I may have spent a whole night making this, using TWDG’s sound files.