mike though =3


Override 0 - Registration Inquiry // Initiate Repair Cycle

“Override 0, stand by for orders.”
“What?” Mike was about to pull his staff–he stops instead, confused, waiting for the other shoe to drop. Behind him, Chuck goes perfectly still, frozen in mid-step, and then slowly eases back to a stand-still, waiting. “What the heck are you talking about?”
“Acknowledged,” Chuck says, quiet and flat and empty. “Standing by.”

OH LOOK IT’S A FIC!  The fluff/hurt/comfort/drama/angst/fluff I’ve been promising is finally cleaned up and good to post.  (I actually finished it a few days ago, but I was trying a new style so the art took a while! UwU)  Please enjoy!

Something wholesome and pure I want to spread around for the holidays because I love this fandom—add to this post, to your liking, any Stranger Things character and what they’d get another character for Christmas~ I’ll start

I think Hopper would get Eleven her own bike for Christmas, and Mike would give her…a kiss (along with many Eggos and new books)