mike swaine

sorry for my absence these last two days!! been trying to get a bunch of work done!

here’s a jumpy louden swain i finished up today! i’ve wanted to do something like this for FOREVER but just never had the technical skill. i’ve been practicing SO DAMN MUCH lately, i’m fINALLY able to do it! LITTLE VICTORIES


My photo ops from JaxCon! Minus my Jared op because I have to get it in the mail! But I had such an amazing time and I love these men so much. They have made my life so much better by leaps and bounds and I adore them. I am forever thankful for their kindness and patience.


So because I was able to zoom in as much as I was there are some minor focus errors because when the guys are moving around the camera sometimes loses a tiny bit of focus, I apologize.
Here is the track list:
1) 1:05- 4:30 : Present Time
2) 4:50- 7:58 : Roll Me Over
3) 8:15- 12:36 : Eskimo
4) 14:00- 17:59 : Juliet (feat. Chris Schmelke)
5) 19:25- 22:50 : Crooked Wheel(feat. Stephanie Dizon)
6) 23:02- 25:39 : Bandaged Hand
7) 25:43- 30:32 : Creep by Radiohead (feat. Emily Swallow)
8)30:48- 35:33 : This is How(feat. Adam Malin)
9) 35:43- 41:50 : Let It Be Me by Ray LaMontagne (feat. Gil McKinney, Adam Malin)
10) 42:35- 47:01 : Over Before It Began (feat. Richard Speight Jr.)
* small skip @ 46:40; I apologize
11) 47:20- 54:37 : Whipping Post by the Allman Brothers (feat. Mark Sheppard, Richard Speight Jr.)
12) 54:56- 58:45 :Fare Thee Well (Just Rob Benedict)
13) 59:52- 1:04:26 : Leg Up (feat. Richard Speight Jr., Mark Sheppard, Adam Malin)
14) 1:04:37- 1:09:27 : Wagon Wheel by Darius Rucker (feat. Jason Manns, Gil McKinney, Richard Speight Jr., Mark Sheppard, Adam Malin)
15) 1:11:04- 1:15:35 : Slightest Thing; The Station Breaks Song (feat. Jason Manns, Mark Sheppard, Emily Swallow, Richard Speight Jr.)
16)1:16:25- 1:21:00 : She Waits (feat. Mark Sheppard)
17) 1:22:22- 1:27:37 : Mamma’s Jam (feat. Mark Sheppard)
18) 1:28:20- 1:34:43 : Amazing
19) 1:35:20-  1:41:58 : Medicated (feat. Alaina Huffman, Samantha Smith, Richard Speight Jr., Jason Manns, Gil McKinney, Emily Swallow, Adam Malin)

SPOOPY LOUDEN SWAIN edited and made more proportional so it can be a print! while i love ink, having the ability to flip a canvas is very important to me

ANYWAY these were really fun designs to come up with! seriously, horsemen of the rockpocalypse. gosh, how did i not think of that already–BUT THEY PERFECT FOR CREPPY MONTH THO


Me and Quaken Swain.

I chose a duck for everyone (You may disagree, but to me these are their colours) and reserved the black one for me because, as I said to the band, “That’s the colour of my soul”.
When the photographer said that I should have exchanged mine with Rob’s because of a contrast problem with my sweatshirt, Rob defended my duck: “No! That’s hers because it’s black as her soul!!”. I may die happy.

Also, I asked them “Can we do the duck face?” and everyone was like “Yeah, sure!” except for Rob, who asked “—–duck face?”. What a nerd.


At MinnCon I gave everyone in Louden Swain some custom jewelry. Two things were given to Rob because I covered up his name on the back of the pick with the design I went with (so I gave him the leather bracelet and an extra engraved pick). The “Mother of God” w/ back “R.P.B. 1970” was made into a keychain and given as a gift to Rob’s mom. They don’t know this but I also stamped my name into the leather inside. I bet they’ll never notice. :)

#houscon valentine's card session highlights

- Jensen used all the gold glitter to ruin Rich’s card
-Rob and everyone else decided they needed more glitter glue (because Rob used a crap ton of it)
-Stephen wants to know if he can eat the glue
-Mike Borja sniffing the sharpie over and over
-Jared coming in late to make crafts
-Rich smacking Jensen’s card out of Rob’s hands