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Pepper: Dinner was delicious. Good for you, finding a man who knows his way around a kitchen.
Tony: I know my way around a kitchen.
Pepper: I meant cooking, not finding an Oreo in the dark.

Seeing Other People (But I Only Have Eyes For You)

I had the idea for this ficlet ages ago, following a very confusing conversation with a co-worker where it took me way longer than it should’ve to realise why we were talking at cross purposes. But it fell by the wayside until something @lovethesnark posted (and tagged myself and @halespecterwinchester and @specterxross in) brought it to mind again. So you can blame her for this! Tagging @booloveshiscuppycake, @rolodexthoughts and @seasless too because I’ve been talking headcanons and stuff with them lately and thought they might be interested.😘

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Herbie Hancock “Butterfly” (1974)

From Thrust, it’s the result of a Hancock run I did a few summers ago. The best and most expansive version of “Butterfly” is found here where Hancock changes up the course of the song ever so often thanks to his personal arsenal of ARP keys, dividing it up similar to the life cycle as the name of the song implies. Or, how Hancock’s delicate quality keys hover through the air and over the course of Bennie Maupin’s wind, Mike Clark’s and Bill Summer’s percussion, and Paul Jackson’s electric bass. It also contains a very slight cosmic ingredient evident of select Sixties and Seventies jazz and fusion, but almost nothing at all to take away from Hancock and his style himself.

It seriously peeves me when I’m talking about a specific thing and someone interrupts me just so they can ‘correct’ me by saying their version of the word I just said, like the other day I was talking about Gay ships and this girl was like its actually called boy love like wow okay that’s great but I prefer Gay ships but she kept fighting me and trying to make me use the word boy love like chill, I guess that’s how I feel about religion they just cram it down your throat and don’t know when to stop until you say what they say