mike stokes

On Black Masculinity

You know what I love about Luke Cage? I love how it looks at black masculinity and the consequences of adhering to hyper masculinity. Growing up as a young black man (and later understanding my sexuality as a gay man) I've never felt like I should need to perform my masculinity to certain expectations. In the black community, there is an expectation that black men need to be strong (i.e. emotionless, or tough) in order to move freely in the world. In school a lot of black kids believed that they needed to be strong and tough in order to be something. (Possible spoilers under the cut)

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A variant cover and some of my interior page work on DMC #1, shipping in October, 2014.

Also in this anthology:

Story: Damion Scott Story/Consultant: Ron Wimberly Cover: Sal Buscema & Bob Wiacek Character Design: Shawna Mills Graffit: MARE 139 Art: Jeff Stokely, Chase Conley, Mike & Mark Davis (Madtwiinz), Shawn Crystal, Chris Sotomayor, Felipe Smith

If we try to protect only ourselves without looking out for those people closest to us, then we lose. Pop never forgot his people. Where some people saw hard rock kids, he saw precious jewels. He reminded me that diamonds are formed by pressure, covered in dirt. But then you polish them and they shine. Pop saw the shine in everyone that walked in his barber shop.

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