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Total Drama Characters For Each Sign

Aries: Agressive, Bold, Naive

Taurus: Determined, Dependable, Resourceful

Gemini: Versatile, Expressive, Multiple-faced

Cancer: Sensitive, Sentimental, Protective

Leo: Proud, Witty, Self-obsessed

Virgo: Worrier, Fussy, Analytical

Libra: Likable, Trustworthy, Tactful

Scorpio: Seductive, Always get what they want, Magnetic

Sagittarius: Drama queen, Tidy, Exuberant

Capricorn: Smart, Sarcastic, Down To Earth

Aquarius: Free-spirited, Friendly, Spontaneous

Pisces: Intelligent, Emotional, Easy-going

Mike W. Barr and Alan Davis Jason and Bruce are so friggin cute and I love them

Basically in Mike W. Barr’s Detective Comics they pretty much ignored all the DARK AND EDGY junk that was starting to seep into other Batman comics, They had “adult” elements like acknowledging that Bruce had issues and more realistic crimes and serious murderous threats and stuff, but they also had a dash of camp, were way more upbeat than most comics Jason was in and he was a LOT happier in general. Bruce was also a generally good role model.

This was all mostly roughly around the time Jason got his new origin and stopped being a Dick Grayson Clone backstorywise, so it is canon for the modern version of him, it seems (especially since there’s references to his former “life of crime” and issues with Two Face towards the end of this run), and I don’t really think it contradicts too much. Even in the more “zomggrimdarkcomics” of the day Jason had a very strong happy and cute side, his default ISN’T angry, he just happens to be very emotional. And this was all before his FAITH IN THE SYSTEM!!! was broken too. 

Anyways, basically Jason’s entire role in these comics was to Be SUPER ADORABLE all the time.

aND Bruce’s role was to be a total nerd dad.


Selina: okay you’re weird maybe I’ll date someone else.

Jason in the background: …

But anyway I love this art Jason is so tiny and cute?



And Bruce Wayne: Actual Good Dad

BRUCE TELLING JASON HE SHOULD BE RESPECTFUL OF WOMEN NO MATTER THEIR PROFESSION AND IT DOESN’T MATTER IF THEY’RE SEX WORKERS? REALLY GREAT? (also yes this was back when he said “chum” a lot, I kind of wish he still did that sometimes)

Bruce sees that Jason is upset about not being able to help so tries to make it clear it’s okay and gives him cake!!! Really cute!!!

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“H…how can I be here? With all of you?”

“You really thought you’d go to Hell?” Mike laughed. A beat. 

Erwin looked slowly at each one of them.

“I’m sorry. Please, forgive –”

Nanaba shushed him before he could finish. “There’s no need for that. We all did what we had to do.”

“I…” He saw each of them, smiling — no hate in their eyes. Was this possible? 

“…thank you.”

For the first time for as long as he could remember, Erwin felt…he could be human again. He wasn’t tired anymore. Of being the demon. He’d heard that word several times, and knew inevitably it was in reference to him, but he wasn’t sure where.

But yet…there was unfinished business. Wasn’t there?

Moblit approached him, apprehensive.

“Those two…?” He couldn’t say their names. He was too scared to know.

Erwin slowly looked over his shoulder, but saw nothing.

“They’ll have to hold on a bit longer.”

(AHA CLEARLY I’M NOT OVER THIS I’M SO SORRY…this is the only way I can imagine Erwin has his peace. I had a bunch of ideas about Farlan, Isabel, Kuchel, and his father (who may or may not still be alive, but that’s another can of worms) but I thought maybe that was a bit too much. Old friends welcoming Erwin home comforts my shattered heart. ❤️)

Happy Tony’s Sunday everyone!

Despite my mini Mike Faist spam (which the purpose of was just to brighten up the negativity in his tag) this morning I’m just wanting to clear the air and say that my blog is a safe space this Tonys season. I will not be posting negativity towards any show or actor. If you’re feeling bombarded by the negativity this season, drop by my place and take a breather. Don’t let this negativity drive you insane.

This world doesn’t need any more negativity added to it. We’ve got enough to deal with as it is. Let tonight be a celebration of the arts and the wonderfully talented people that support and create it.