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You know I'm going to ask about myself. Egotistic bastard.

Hmm yes okay

◦Why I like them: Well he’s REALLY FREAKING ADORABLE. And he’s voiced by one of the actors from Fargo (who, like most of the show’s VAs, gives him a distinct voice). Plus the whole robot-building thing is pretty badass.

◦Why I don’t: Spending 20 years obsessing over a girl you barely knew is, uh, creepy.

◦Favorite episode/scene: The D&D scene is pretty funny.

◦Favorite season/movie: Season 1, obviously.

◦Favorite line: “I’m Japanese, JERKOFF.”

◦Favorite outfit: MOE TURTLENECK IS MOE

◦OTP: I’ve tentatively shipped him with Pete, Werner and TS. (Apparently there’s a hollowed-out file somewhere online for a TS/Mike fic—makes me mad curious.) It’s hard to imagine Mike/Leslie because we never see what her personality was like, but I like to think if they actually got to know each other they would’ve made a cute couple.

◦BroTP: With Pete, in a frenemy “I pick on you because we’re buds” way. A friend got me into that interpretation.

◦Head Canon: Not exactly a headcanon, but I think a lot about the years between college and the present-day events of “Past Tense”. Poor guy all alone in some mad-scientist basement building Leslies. Maybe trying to get in touch with the real Leslie one day and finding out she’s married or something.

◦Unpopular opinion: Folks seem to think of him as a “nice guy”, but I think that’s a bit harsh? At least for college-age Mike. Having a crush and being too shy to tell them is normal.

◦A wish: For this fandom to show him more love, goddangit. Especially fanart.

◦An oh-god-please-don’t-ever-happen: n/a

◦My nickname for them: n/a