mike silletti


Since it was mostly about food with me, I’m going to leave you guys with a recipe: Take one, self-absorbed, pretty boy Puerto Rican, add one long on attitude, short-on-experience black guy, then add two morons: one more stupid than the other. Mix together and let sit. Finally add one battle-scarred, haunted, formerly drunken Irish asshole who screws up his life like other people breathe. Blend all the ingredients together, turn on fire and hope for the best. Sounds like shit, doesn’t it? Well, brother, I’ve tasted it. I’ve eaten it up these last few years, it’s delicious.

  • Sean Garrity: Can I tell you something bro, concerning Allison? She’s gigantic.
  • Mike Silletti: She’s tall.
  • Sean Garrity: No. Shaq is tall. Ok? Yo Yo Ming is tall.
  • Franco Rivera: Yao Ming.
  • Sean Garrity: Yo.
  • Franco Rivera: Yao.
  • Sean Garrity: No, I was just-I was just saying hi. Your chick is gigantic.
  • Franco Rivera: Oh, he’s back with the fat chick?
  • Sean Garrity: No, he’s dating a vet, now.
  • Franco Rivera: What war?
  • Sean Garrity: No. Vet, like cats and dogs.
  • Sean: Hey, I've--I've been thinkin' about your nuts. And I think it's gonna be okay. I mean, look at Lance Armstrong. He turned out really well.
  • Mike: Yeah, was that before or after he landed on the moon?
  • Sean: No, Lance Armstrong. The guy who won the Tour de France like 26 times in a row.
  • Mike: *Silence*
  • Sean: Whoa, holy shit, bro you don't even know what the Tour de France is, do you?
  • Mike: I want to say wine tasting?