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To the Keenler community and Donald Ressler fans on tumblr, I’m posting this on various social media sites to get as many people as possible actively involved. Many of Diego Klattenhoff’s fans are not happy with the lack of screen time and story/character development for our favorite FBI Agent. With the help of some amazing people, I’ve organized a Donald Ressler Support Day on Twitter to demonstrate our desire for much more screen time and improved story development for Ressler on The Blacklist. Again, this is a Twitter event and I’m notifying any tumblr users who want to help support Ressler (and Diego).
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Several people are generously sharing some gorgeous icons, screenshots and videos they’ve created to be used for this event. I’ve set up some guidelines to help make our campaign a success. If you have a Twitter account and would like to participate, please read these guidelines very carefully. We want to get the attention of the writers and producers of “The Blacklist” and let them know we want much more Ressler in Season 4!


1) Do not use #MoreResslerS4 before the designated date and time.
The event will begin on Friday, June 10, at 9 AM EST and will run for 24 hours, so that those all time zones have a chance to participate. Please gently remind anyone who uses the hashtag before the event to wait until June 10 at 9 AM, and tell them that using the tag too much beforehand will lessen the impact. We want to bombard the writers and producers of “The Blacklist” that Friday and really get their attention. Please be nice! We want everyone to feel welcome and their contributions are appreciated.
2) One # term per Tweet, and please use only #MoreResslerS4.
3) We’d like to get as many people tweeting as possible vs. a small group tweeting a lot of tweets. Please tell everyone who is TeamRessler about the event. There is strength in numbers! The more unique tweeters we have, the better chance we have to get the writers’ and producers’ attention. Do send your tweets quickly, but pace yourself to avoid having your tweets frozen. You can send up to 1,000 tweets per day as long as they are not all identical.
4) Accounts with many followers help a lot! Accounts with fewer followers obviously get less attention as less people will see their tweets. But tweets/RTs from accounts like @BlacklistRoom (writers), @JonBokenkamp or @johneisendrath (producers), or individual writers (@Daniel_Knauf) will make a bigger impact because they have more followers. Let’s also try to widen our TeamRessler network. An easy way is to follow people on fan Twitter lists.
5) We want to grab non-Ressler fans’ attention and get our message out about Ressler to another audience. This is key to getting retweets from other people who aren’t already involved in this event. Try to come up with questions for the writers/producers before the event. They can be pasted and copied for easier tweeting. We have some people using classic Ressler lines that can be shared, along with pics, screenshots, gifs and videos of great Ressler moments. “Cool” tweets are more likely to be retweeted!
6) We can discuss aspects of Donald Ressler in our tweets. You can include the word “Blacklist” (with no #) in your tweet. Talk about Season 4 and what you want to see!
7) If you have particular episodes you love in which Ressler appeared, find out who wrote those and tweet the writers to tell them! Praise will get their attention and they’re apt to respond to positive rather than negative tweets.
8) Retweets are an easy way to help out with the volume of tweets. Simply search for the hashtag and retweet the ones you like. If you know how to use a Twitter application like TweetDeck or HootSuite, this can make retweeting even easier.
9) When you retweet, use the “Quote Tweet” option and add recipients like @BlacklistRoom (most important!), @JonBokenkamp, @johneisendrath, or individual writers, to grab the attention of the audience to whom we really want to make our desires known. Leave room for your own comments and questions, so you can tweet individual tweets to a variety of people!
Let’s get as many people as possible involved! Please pass this around on tumblr so that everyone with a Twitter account who wants to participate will get a chance! Thank you!!

Twitter handles of individual Blacklist writers/producers:
Blacklist Writers (group) - @BlacklistRoom

Season 3:
Brandon Sonnier - @BrandonBSonnier
Brandon Margolis - @BrandonMargolis
Daniel Cerone - @DanielVCerone
Dave Metzger - @DaveMetzger
Daniel Knauf - @Daniel_Knauf
Lukas Reiter - @LukeReiter
Brian Studler - @BrianStudler
Vincent Angell - @vangell66
Dawn DeNoon - @AlbaMezzoGiorno
Dave Thomas - @TheDaveThomas
Taylor Martin - @Tay2theLO
Nicole Phillips - @nicoledphillips (comic books)
[No account – J.R. Orci]

Season 2:
Kristen Reidel - @kristenreidel
Jim Campolongo - @CampJim44
Jonathan Shapiro - -@legalshapiro
[No accounts – Amanda Kate Shuman, Mike Ostrowski]

Season 1:
John Zinman - @jzinman
Anthony Sparks - @SparksAnthony
Joe Carnahan - @carnojoe
[No accounts – Elizabeth Benjamin, Daniel Voll, Patrick Massett, Wendy West, John C. Kelley]

Jon Bokenkamp - @JonBokenkamp
John Eisendrath - @johneisendrath

[Sorry for my rudimentary skills. This the first time I’ve ever done something like this on tumblr or any other social media sites.]