mike saunders


This is the original album artwork that Layne created for Mad Season’s Above along with negatives, materials and several handwritten letters by the band. Two of these letters were handwritten by Layne and made out to Sony’s art department with some great character/ detail. The other letter is in an unknown hand and has some other details about the look of the album/cd.

You met Baker during rehab. What was the next step?

I was talking to Baker and thought he was a funny old blues guy. He was cranking Bob Dylan in his room and started talking about Muddy Waters. Baker had been playing since high school. 

I had thought about how I’d like to help Layne, and that I’d like to work on music together. I called Layne and he was into it. I didn’t know if it was going to be a band or a side project, or if it was even going to happen. 

I loved Barrett as the drummer from Screaming Trees. He was one of the best. That guy’s a monster. He’d hit so hard and knew how to groove. After I returned from rehab, we started rehearsing at a little place in West Seattle. It all came together very quickly.

Mike McCready

Full page ad from the June 21, 1973 issue of Rolling Stone that proclaims Blue Oyster Cult’s Tyranny and Mutation “The Glittering Triumph of Heavy Metal,” in what may be the earliest case of the term (first used by Rock critic Mike Saunders, also quoted on the bottom of the page although he later panned the record) ever appearing in an official promo for a band.