Suits 3x16 and 5x10 Parallels…

… and differences.

From “I’m tired of putting the people I care about in jeorpardy” to “I’m gonna have a family of my own someday, and I can’t have all this hanging over their heads.”

From handshake to hug.

From questioning in the US Attorney’s Office to handcuffed arrest.


I remember things, I remember the night that my parents were taken away from me. I remember my grandmother taking me in. She came to check on me, It was in the middle of the night and I had wet the bed, She cleaned the sheets and she cleaned me all up, and she puts me in her bed and, you know I started to cry, really hard and she said “it’s ok Michael, it’s ok. I’ve been crying too, but don’t you wet this bed, because I have to sleep here too.” And we laughed, you know? In spite everything we laughed and we kept laughing until I fell asleep. When I woke up the next morning, she wasn’t just my grandmother anymore, she was… she was my whole family. Well I’m not 11 y.o. anymore, I’m not going to wet the bed tonight, but I will remember that night, and everything she has ever done for me for the rest of my life.

- Mike’s speech at his granny’s funeral.-

Suits 2x10 Vs suits 5x10

That Feeling When I’m All Alone

This is the prompt that fuckyeahmarvey​ requested:

I need someone to write a fic where everything is the same but Mike goes straight to Harvey after his talk with the Father and he knows he’s in therapy so he waits outside her office until he’s done.  He meets Paula and they have this semi unspoken conversation of I know what you’ve done for Harvey he told me  thank you/I know what you mean to him he told me. This leads to him being there to support Harvey in his decision of leaving.  Of being just outside the doors at the vote.  Of the conversation they have being different in his office.  Harvey and Mike leaving together.  And when the police show up to take Mike away Harvey yelling at them about charges saying he’s Mike’s lawyer.  Pretty much everything the same but Marvey.

Someone write this I will fucking gif it!

So I decided to take it on lol :) Also sorry if some of the scenes/dialogue are changed, I WAS CRYING WHILE WATCHING, and I had to change some things for it to be Marvey :)

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