Harvey / Mike ; Harry Potter AU

Imagine you are two years younger but be able to know everything I learn in my class and sometimes the professor just allows you to sit in the back when you have no class.

Imagine you try to sneak into my common room because you are curious and get caught because you’re too excited once you get in since it’s literally under the lake and how cool is that.

Imagine you decide to help me with my homework without my permission and stay overnight at the library before coming back to me with tons of books I can use as references.

That’s a Ravenclaw to me.


Imagine I am a prefect and you always break the rule just because you are smart and your goddamn friend needs your help committing crime.

Imagine you are in trouble out in the wood and I’m the one who save your ass and tell the professor it’s all my fault because you’re hurt enough as it is just go to the hospital wing you idiot.

Imagine someone is beating you and I threaten them because I don’t care if you’re a muggle-born since my dad is also one of them and I like his blood better than my mother’s but no one dares to mess with me since first year so no one shouldn’t dare messing with what’s mine either.

That’s a Slytherin to you.

(They should be in Ilvermorny but I grew up with Hogwarts I’m gonna stay with Hogwarts.)

>> SUITS [S6E10] 

“Jessica and Rachel fight to save Leonard Bailey’s life; and Harvey and Louis try to convince their oldest and most loyal client to stay in an attempt to keep other PSL clients from jumping ship.“

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TV - Suits Season 6 Episode 10 #P.S.L

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