mike robbers

this is Mike’s (”dead”) hive!!! 

Mike is my beekeeping mentor. His queen died this spring and he decided to take the summer off (after losing a couple of hives over the last two winters). But he left his two hive bodies and some old honey reserves out so the dying hive could pass on natural and slow. In the meantime, about mid-July, he started to see activity. He put it down to robber bees. But the level of comings and goings has been consistent since then. 

I was actually fretting about my hive some, because as the summer progresses, the activity at my hive has reduced considerably – so that Mike’s “robbers” were looking at least as active as my hive. So I’ve been worried. 

Today, Mike opened his hive bodies to find he caught a swarm!!! He has an active working hive with a laying queen! 

He is, as you can hear, pretty psyched about it. So am I. We are planning to treat my hive for mites in the next couple of weeks (Mike said he’ll help) and I need to get my honey extracted. But wooo-hooo! This is great news. 


Munich revisited. Better ranked than Berlin on the quality of life index, Munich is a giant that takes big steps, powered by BMW’s power. Munich is an urban city that offers a high level of quality everyday life for its citizens; though, not only its citizens. There are frequent cheap flights to Munich that can take you there anytime you feel like breathing the air of a European global city. Munich is a global city; there is no doubt about it. This is true not only because BMW and a group of other multinational companies hold their headquarters in the city. It is also true due to people’s attitudes, mentalities, and urban habits. Finally, this hypothesis holds true simply because thirty seven million passengers arrived to Munich Airport last year, a number more than double in comparison with fifteen years before. Munich is emerging and vibrant but not chaotic. It is not a megalopolis but is certainly has a leading role on the fields of entrepreneurship, innovation, development. BMW, a symbol of the city represents ideally Munich: the spirit of German efficiency, practicality, productivity is reflected on the city’s automotive pride. It is reflected on the citizens as well which stare at the future with confidence.


Florida goes wild. Apparently, it rains in Florida. To tell you the truth, it caught me by surprise. Having watched the whole six seasons of the television series Dexter that takes place in Miami, I can’t really recall any episode on which a storm entered the picture. I do remember loads of blood though due to Dexter’s nasty habits. But that’s a different story. Indeed, Florida is the state with the highest average precipitation in the United States, according to Wikipedia. And guess what, Florida is the lightning capital of America as well! Thunderstorms are quite common during the summer-autumn period while hurricanes also hit the state, more than anywhere else in the country along with Texas. Nonetheless, let’s not get desperate! This isn’t the case, believe me. Florida is primarily the land of sunshine. It has an average of 21.5 °C that makes it the hottest state in the country. The “Sunshine State” as it is commonly known, Florida holidays is a synonym for an enjoyable summer as Miami is a synonym for big hotels and luxurious pleasures. America is a big and fascinating – especially in the eyes of a European - place; Florida it’s one of its jewels.