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I am personally offended by the latest SVU episode. For those of you who don’t know, I am going to law school after I’m done with my undergrad (yay debt). So you might say I have a keen interest in the law. 

This is fucking laughable. I can’t even get myself to go through every detail of this shit so read @poipoi1912 great and thorough analysis on that here

I get that SVU can not, due to narrative reasons, follow every logical conclusion of the law. Because if they did, SVU would no longer be a unit. Their “flirtation” with line is so fucking flagrant, that the fact Tucker didn’t actually get them shut down is hilarious to me. I know people will hate me for saying this but I agree with Tucker. SVU should have been shut down and investigated a long time ago.

The fact that they haven’t gotten sued out of their asses is laughable. As much as we sympathize with these character, both past and present, what they were/are doing is wrong. The whole “I hear a scream thing” is breaking the fourth Amendment. Their Miranda rights track record is… I don’t even have a word for it. Not even to think of the creative ways they have gotten people to confess or wear wires. I mean the amount of money people could make of entrapment cases alone is crazy.  

Lets take Though Criminal as an example. As depraved as Josh Malina’s character is, Nick has no right to beat him up. This is why I love that episode. It shows the intricacies of the law. Technically Josh Malina’s character didn’t do anything wrong. He did not hurt anyone, nor he did not rape or torture anyone. As the defense council argues you should not prosecute someone for what is in their head, “it’s an egregious civil liberties violation.” Being prosecuted for your thoughts is the beginning of the end.

That episode makes you think about what you would do in that situtation. How would you react in a situtation like that? Not anymore. 


We’ve all done things… that are hard to live with. So let this be your redemption, if it needs to be, because it might be mine.