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Andy Warhol Motion Test

I decided to do a motion test for my final in my tech 2 class. I’m doing a Mike Patterson inspired piece, better known for his Take On Me rotoscoping iconic style.
I hope you enjoy my Andy Warhol roto test! <3
Drella won’t be in the little 30 second video but hopefully I’ll get done and be able to post it! 9 seconds down! Time to detail!

Miss you all, can’t wait to get done with class and update more with my personal projects and tests! Plus my Warhol collection of stickers!

Gilmore Girls Revival: Scott Patterson Teases 'Different But Same' Luke
Luke Danes will be a slightly changed man when we meet up with him in Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life. “He’s a little different, but he’s a little bit
By Michael Ausiello

Really nice interview piece with Scott!


1991. Effigy of the Forgotten

is the debut album by band Suffocation, released in October 22. The cover artwork was created by Dan Seagrave.

Suffocation was formed in 1988 on Long Island, New York, by vocalist Frank Mullen, bassist Josh Barohn, guitarists Guy Marchais and Todd German, and Barohn’s friend on drums.

The album was dedicated to the memory of Atheist bassist Roger Patterson, who had been killed in a car crash earlier in 1991.

Effigy of the Forgotten is considered to be one of the first death metal albums to have a highly sophisticated level of technical proficiency. The guitars are very low-end and down tuned whilst using a lot of tremolo picking and fast alternate picked notes alongside a lot of fast blast beats drumming and quick fills involved.

 It’s all very violent,  Some passages are oddly catchy and most of the solos are awesome. The slam on the album’s opener is famous for being the first slam in death metal history, and it’s one of the best at it. In fact, the whole song serves as the sole highlight to this album. It’s simply great from start to finish, with the other songs trying to outdo what it did best, Definitely a classic that I recommend for the death metal fans looking for older albums.

Frank Mullen   Doug Cerrito    Terrance Hobbs   Josh Barohn   Mike Smith

Patterson Diagnosed With Brain Condition


ESPN.comPhiladelphia Eagles defensive tackle Mike Patterson has a brain condition that may require surgery, team trainer Rick Burkholder said. Burkholder said Thursday morning that Patterson is undergoing further tests and is listed in stable condition. The 28-year-old player was hospitalized after suffering a seizure Wednesday morning at training camp at Lehigh University. “In medicine today, there’s tons of options,” Burkholder said. “Everybody wants to jump right into surgery and I’m not saying for this particular case, I’m saying with everything, but there’s so many other avenues out there. It would be foolish to speculate what’s going to happen to Mike.” The 6-foot-1, 300-pound Patterson has been diagnosed with arteriovenous malformation (AVM), which is the tangling of blood vessels near the skull.

The picture above is the Philadelphia Eagles gathering around Defensive Tackle Mike Patterson, who collapsed and began having seizures at camp yesterday. Obviously a very sad situation, but fortunately Patterson is now stable and has a diagnosis. I’m not a doctor, but the “tangling of blood vessels near the skull” does not sound good at all. Hopefully whatever route doctors take lead Patterson to a full recovery. 


My Scott Mescudi shrine in my room. I’ve seen him twice so far in concert and they have been the most amazing, memorable, perfect nights ever. I’ve also designed a t-shirt for his fan site which won! My number one bucket list item is to meet him in person. So much so that my mom agreed that if I ever got close enough to him to have him autograph my inner arm she would take me right to the tattoo parlor to get it permanently inked there. Please re-blog this and maybe somehow he will see this and reply to it! It would mean the absolute world to me!

- THE EAGLES CONTINUE TO CLEAN HOUSE AS THEY RELEASE VETERAN DT MIKE PATTERSON -   The Philadelphia Eagles have parted ways with defensive tackle Mike Patterson, the longest-tenured player on their roster. A former first-round pick of the Eagles in 2005 out of USC, Patterson was one of the true blue-collar players in the locker room providing the team with tough, hard-nosed football for eight seasons.

“Mike Patterson is one of the toughest players I have ever been around in the National Football League,” said general manager Howie Roseman. “He has overcome many obstacles throughout his career and I have the upmost respect for him because of it.

Patterson played in 2011 despite suffering a seizure during training camp. The seizure revealed a rare brain condition called AVM, a tangling of blood vessels. Patterson delayed the procedure to remove it and returned to action just 17 days after the seizure.

Earlier in the day, the Eagles released another defensive tackle in Cullen Jenkins. This year’s draft is stockpiled with talent along the defensive line and the team already has two promising players in Fletcher Cox and Cedric Thornton as they transition to coordinator Bill Davis’ new defense. (Photo: Associated Press)

My latest video project called “ANATOMY”

Please watch if you get the chance!