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The 8 Films of Quentin Tarantino. 

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Doctor Lamb
Mike Novak

Third session today, with this amazing limey shrink. Doctor Sofia Lamb. She said that all Ryan’s horseshit about always looking out for number one is turning us little guys against each other. And what we need is unity. Solidarity! Then she held up a mirror. Turns out, I wear my hair and mustache just like Ryan. So today, I’m spreading the word about Lamb. And tonight, I’m shaving my whole stupid head!


Zaya, Bhandallas & Eclare - Relationships put to the test

Maya, Dallas and Eli, three characters who were arguably the most deeply affected by Cam’s death, grappled with intense levels of anger, guilt and hopelessness in the aftermath of his suicide. In their own ways, they each took it out on the people who were closest to them and who wanted so desperately to be there for them.  

Roman, Mike; tooth fairy

For the prompt:  Mike and Roman’s fight (which Mike doesn’t remember, and where Roman lost his teeth)

TW: depiction of injury, depiction of medical (dental) treatment, some really cruel foreshadowing. You know. The usual. I’m squeamish (I know, right, great sport to basically centre your life around, Taylor) and it wasn’t too bad, other than like, pictures accompanying the research I did, but YMMV.

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The SVU ShipSwap is a fic and art exchange for ALL ships featuring characters from Law & Order: SVU (with works revealed on Christmas Day). Romantic, friendship and family relationships will all be welcome this year, but if you want to make sure your favorites are in it, you’ve got to make sure to nominate them! 

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i'm so excited about the new series!! roman/connie!!! could you quickly lay out a list of who's who from the first bit tho? i'm just so bad at connecting names and nicknames, and it helps to have a reference. thanks!!

Here are some of the major players in this series and their nicknames, which will be helpful because POV in this series is going to jump around as much as it did in The Adventures of the Rookie Detectives

Victor Kjeldsen, former Rookie Detective and POV character for the first chapter: Vic, Spider

Evan Connelly, former Rookie Detective, suddenly involved in a love triangle he did not foresee, got BUFF AS HELL over the offseason: Connie, Sweetheart

Roman Novak, Rookie Handler, player safety frequent offender, in over his head: Sergeant Spymaster (literally only he calls himself that)

Harry Chalmers, former Rookie Detective, pigtail puller: Spoilsport

Valeri Asenov, former Rookie Detective, currently down in the AHL, has never told a lie in his virtuous life: Val, Novy, Sweet Child o’ Mine

Liam Fitzgerald, professional shitstirrer, love of Mike Brouwer’s life: Fitzy, Shithead

Devon Michaels, Captain of the North Stars, literally married a woman named Michaela (thank fuck she kept her maiden name); Dev.

Mike Brouwer, suddenly longsufferingly listening to Liam tell him excitedly about the soap opera he has first row seats to, too old for this shit, knocked three of Roman’s teeth out: don’t give him nicknames.

Brian Findlay, alternate captain, very longsuffering in general, tired of explaining sexual harassment to Liam: Finds

I will update this if necessary.


Inglourious Basterds (2009) by Quentin Tarantino.

Tarantino’s just doing what he does best. The crew of actors are doing what they do best better. I absolutely love the almost excessive usage of languages and accents.

It’s pretty good although there’s some flaws in the plot… and the baseball bat tendency of the Bear Jew was totally unnecessary for the character as it never had any part to play throughout the rest of the film.


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