mike murray

here’s a horribly made Tag Urself meme Zach Woods edition

I’m sick with a head cold so I did this while sneezing and being horribly congested

this is hilarious to me and my medicine-riddled head but it’s probably so lame lmao


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This team continues to put everyone in disbelief!
Since the beginning they said they wouldn’t get this far:
#1 defenseman will not play in the playoffs: Kris Letang
Murray gets injured. Marc Andre Fleury, steps up and puts on a show! (So freaking proud of this man!!)
Everyone has played a ridiculously amount of hockey, they’re too tired…
half the roster is out…
But this team continues to prove that they are capable of greatness!
One person goes down and the whole team rallies because they have belief in each other. The believe that they can be great together.
Ugh I am so proud!
Playing for the Stanley Cup once again, ready or not, here they come!!!