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ever since i first saw shou ive been wondering who he reminded me of and i may be the only one but the motherfucker looks like fucking woody the woodpecker

its probably just the fucking hair but jfc
Its A New Era


Online Protection

Note: That’s an Imagine about Cyber mobbing. Please take it seriously!


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In the School:

After Mike searched literally everywhere for you, he walked over to Emily who was sitting together with Paige.

“Hey, Em. Sorry to interrupt your lunch.” He excused himself.

“Ehm, no problem Mike. Whats going on?” Emily asked curious because Mike usually never talked to one of your friends.

“I can’t find Y/N. Do you know where she is? I already called her and Aria but none of them are answering and I’m worried.” Paige and Emily looked at each other. “What? What happened? Did ‘A’ do something to them? Where is Y/N?” Mike asked more serious this time.

Emily stood up and wanted Mike to calm down, “She’s fine Mike.” she said and looked around because people started starring at them.

“Em.. Tell him.” Paige said annoyed.

“What?” Mike asked and looked nervous.

“Y/N, won’t come to school.” Emily started.

“How long? Is she sick?” Mike asked again.

“No. She’s hiding.” Paige hissed. “From your new friends.”

Mike looked confused, “What did they do to her?”

“They’re mobbing her for weeks now.” Paige replied. “Because of something ‘A’ has texted everyone but you.. an old picture of her. You know which one.” Paige said and Mike nodded soft. “No one is talking about that around you because they know, you would hit the crap out of them.”

“Y/N, she didn’t want to tell you because you finally found some other friends than her. She wanted you to hang out with some guys.” Emily replied. “And she didn’t want you to kick their asses.”

“Damn it.” Mike said and walked away.

“Mike! Wait!” Emily shouted behind him but he was already gone.


In your House:

>>knock, knock<<

“Mom, I don’t want any tea. I’ll be fine. Leave me alone.” You sighed. Your door opened. “Mom, come on! I’ll sleep.” You said and throw one of your pillows at your door and heard someone chuckling.

“You would throw your Mom a pillow in her face?” Mike asked with a soft smile as you turned around.

You smiled, “No, she would’ve caught it. What are you doing here?”

Mike closed the door and walked over to your bed, “Checking on my best friend.” he answered soft and sat down. “And wouldn’t she know that you couldn’t sleep alone when you’re ‘sick’?”

“I’m fine.” You said. “Just a fever.. I’ll be back in school in a few days.”

“Stop lying.. I thought we were over that after you told me about ‘A’.” Mike responded. 

“Who told you?” You asked ashamed.

“I gritted my teeth and asked one of your friends.” Mike smiled soft.

“Must’ve been hard for you.” You chuckled soft.

“Not as hard as I had to hear that you didn’t tell me what jerks they’re.”

“I wanted you to have some guy friends, not just me..” You replied.

Mike looked into your eyes, “Y/N, I’m your brother. I’m supposed to watch out for you, stand up for you.” Mike said.

You smiled soft, “You’re Aria’s brother.”

“But as long as we’re friends now, I became your’s too.” Mike replied with a smile. “And I will totally beat them into the ground for what they do to you.” he said serious.

“No, you won’t Mike. Promise me, you won’t do anything stupid. Please. I’ve enough to worry about.. ‘A’ and Senior year, I couldn’t deal with a suspension of your’s just because of me.”

“I wouldn’t get suspended.” Mike replied laughing sarcastically. “What do you think, how much I would hurt them?” He still laughed.

“You wouldn’t hurt them. You would kill them.” You replied.

“Yeah, probably.” Mike nodded. “You should rest now, if your sick or not. Sleep will take your mind off things.”

“You said it yourself.. I can’t sleep alone when I’m ‘sick’.”

“You aren’t-”

“-still.” You smiled and Mike smiled too while he nodded.

Mike laid next to you and you were laying in his arm. When you felt asleep, Mike stood slowly and carefully up, so that you wouldn’t wake up. He wrote a letter and put it next to you. Then he walked home.


Mike’s House:

When Mike was home, he didn’t eat or trained like usually. He walked straight on his Computer and after 2 Hours he finally answered your phone call.


“What the hell, Mike? Where were you, I was worried.. maybe ‘A’ got you.” You said worried.

“You hadn’t the idea to call Aria?” Mike chuckled. “I was at home the whole time.”

“Aria is with Fitz.. Her phone is off.” You replied.

“God, Y/N.. I don’t need to know that.” Mike said.

You laughed soft, “What should your letter mean? >You told me not to hit them, but I will still protect you against everything.. As long as I can< I mean it’s pretty cute, but what did you do?” 

“Go on your Laptop. I’ll send you a link but I need to hang up now. See you tomorrow.” Mike said and hang up like he said.

He send a Link to you and everyone in your school. You got a message from Spencer, Emily and Hanna where they asked, what Mike was doing with an blog. You opened the link and saw Mike over a webcam. You were confused and saw how many people were watching him.


“Okay now where nearly the whole school sees me, I need to say something.” Mike started looking into his webcam. “Words are… I swear, they are one of the most hurtful things.” Mike said and a tear rolled down your face. “Some of my ‘friends’ called my Best Friend, Y/N, ugly and some other lies like that. Y/N, I know you can see my right now, and you’ll probably kill me for this,“ He smiled soft. “but I wanted you to know and the whole school to hear, that you’re the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen.” He paused short and looked at his phone because he got a message from you. He had to smile, “Yeah, I love you too sis. But what I wanted to say is not just for you.. There are so many people in this school, in every school.. who have problems with, who knows what. And to make fun of them or worse, won’t make it any better. Don’t you get what you’re doing to them?” He asked. “This needs to end, now. Imagine someone would bully you. Behind your back or in your face, doesn’t matter. I’m sure, you wouldn’t want that. So stop it.. and if anyone, is going to bully my best friend again, He’ll regret it.” Mike threatened and turned the webcam off.


>>beep, beep.<< 

Mike’s phone ringed, the whole time and he got a lot of messages from thankful people. he stood up for each one of them. His door opened and he turned around.

“What are you doing here? Thought you were sick.” He said and stood up as he saw you.

You closed the door and walked over to him, “Shut up.” you said and hugged him while a tear rolled down your face. “Thank you.”

Mike nodded and wrapped his arms around you. He kissed gently your forehead. “And you’re here because you couldn’t sleep alone, right?” he smirked and you nodded while you were still hugging him.


If Mob Psycho 100 Had An American Dub Ending 

(Fifteen Minutes by Mike Krol)