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Adele 👑

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I’ve been listening to a lot of Adele recently; also Adele has bomb makeup and fashion sense, so there’s that too lol.  Also the background reminds me of a James Bond movie lol.

Can you laugh?
  • Can you laugh?
  • Mikey onii chan and Clover ✿◕ ‿ ◕✿

“Can you laugh?”

Sooo here’s another daddy-daughter-voice-acting-comic-thingy done by Mikey onii chan aka hyroolianwarrior / mike-with-a-microphone and me!

Arigatou daddy soo soo much >//w///< I love it when we voice act these things together! Hope we can do more together soon!

Sorry we couldn’t voice that guy who say, “You done fucked up Mike" 

It was sort of a rushed process uwu

Anyway the lovely idea came from Chandra chan aka the-new-security-guard

I absolutely adore her comics, especially with the baby marionette eee >//w///<!

So, have a nice daaaay ◕3◕! We love you all <3!

Mike Schmidt voiced by hyroolianwarrior / mike-with-a-microphone

Baby Marionette voiced by luckynekoprincess

Art comic by the-new-security-guard

anonymous asked:

Buster making Mike and Gunther perform a duet and the reaction of everyone

Slightly inspired by: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hpiw3cDWmvc

In what started as a demonstration on teamwork and compromise (suggested by Buster) had continued in angry shouts and name-calling. While Gunter had tried for a Lady Gaga song, Mike refused to give up anything of his dear Frank Sinatra, but relented in letting Gunter choose the song. The pig had chosen ‘New York, New York’ and the two were determined to prove to the rest of the cast that neither of them were attention hogs (err, mice) and could share the spotlight just fine thank you very much. What’s so funny about that, Moon?

“Zese little town blues-”

“-Are melting away!”

“I’m gonna make a brand new start of it-”

“-In old New York!”

The two singers leaned toward the microphone together, Mike perched on Gunter’s shoulder, for their final verse.

“If ve can make it there-”

“-We’ll make it anywhere!”

“It’s up to you, New York, New York,” both took a deep breath, “New Yo-ork!” The sang together, holding the note perfectly, arms outstretched and voice synchronized.

When their echoes had finally stopped, applause erupted from the audience with Rosita and Buster shouting the loudest.

“That was fantastic, gentlemen!” Buster exclaimed, rushing the stage.

“Of course it was,” Mike hopped off of Gunter’s shoulder. “You had me singing, it was bound to be a success.”

“I’ve got to admit,” Ash began, “I didn’t think you two would pull it off.”

“You need more faith!” Gunter slung an arm around her shoulder. “Two heads are better zan one, no?”

“But it was fantastic!” Johnny nearly shouted. “You two were brilliant together! So in sync and connected!”

“Word of advice, kid,” Mike flicked the gorilla’s shoe, “there’s nothing more motivating than someone telling you that you can’t do something.” He shot a brief glare at Buster. “Besides,” Mike looked up at Gunter, “porky’s not too bad once he stops focusing on his moves so much.”

“I made your song spicey!” Gunter defended. “But it vas a very good song. Soulful! Just like you, Mike!”

The mouse scoffed, but Buster could see a small smile on his face at the compliment.

“Would you two do another duet for our next show?” Rosita asked excitedly. “People would go crazy for you two!”

“You willing to give up your partner, Missy?”

“I’d be selfish to keep Gunter all to myself,” Rosita smiled at the men. “And I’d love to see something like that again!”

“Another duet, ve must!” Gunter decided.

Mike pondered it for a moment. “I suppose I could introduce you to more Sinatra,” he concluded smugly.

Gunter shook his head. “No, no. Next time, ve do Lady GaGa!”

A note to all of my followers who send me Sing prompts: Please do not send anymore requests until TOMORROW (Friday). I have caught up on a lot of my prompts but I still have a few more I have not gotten around to writing yet, I’m trying to buy myself some time :)

The reason why my blog url exists is because before I even watched SING! I was so confident that there will be a scene in the film where Mike would drop a microphone.

And when he drops it the noise of it will just make him comically vibrate on the spot, and he tries to brush it off like “ha, that was actually part of my performance – i see you snortin’ over there Johnny, don’t make me drop it on ur FOOT.”

Fun fact: PG doesn’t like showing himself sad to others. He’s the kind of person who hides his true feelings behind a smile when he’s feeling down.

But Mike has learnt to read him, and whenever he feels there’s something weird going on with PG, he talks to him and digs out the truth.

Now Mike is the only person PG allows himself to cry to. 


“It was strange getting to know Buzz and his whole thing, for sure. I mean, with Dave it was ridiculous, it clicked so fast that it was perfect. He has a little system of notation and that’s how he remembers things. How he can retain all that stuff is pretty impressive.

I didn’t know how Buzz was going to respond to the stuff, so I just sent him a tape. We had a couple of little meetings before that and I walked him through some stuff. It did take him a little longer but the thing that really surprised me is that this is the first band that Buzz ever played in outside of the Melvins. So it was a big leap for him.”-mike Patton.

  • Tony And Mike's Uptown Funk Sing-Off

The most heavily requested of moments to be put up from the stream last night (like I think literally EVERYONE requested it). Tony’s half came out of nowhere and then everyone asked Mike to give it a whirl.

I’ll put up some stream highlights between questions in the near future, since not everyone could make it. For those who made it, thank you for making it awesome!!!