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Green Day performances in 1990-1991: mainly Billie dancing or making honking noises into the microphone, mike probably isn’t wearing a shirt, Billie switched from honking noises to screeching, the crowd is yelling at them to play a goddamn song already but Billie won’t stop mumbling gibberish into the mic, lots of pacing, grainy quality and very dark, tre probably kisses Billie a few times, mike spends so much time head banging with hair in his face you forget he has eyes under that fucking mop


Danielle Rocks by Peter Kelly


Significant Women in Film History: 1930s

Dorothy Arzner (1897-1979)

Dorothy Arzner was born in San Fransisco but would spent her childhood in Los Angeles. There her father would run a restaurant popular with actors and filmmakers from Hollywood. Although Arzner originally had dreams of being a doctor, by the end of the first world war she would switch her goals to filmmaking. By 1919 she would get her first job in Hollywood as a stenographer at Famous Players but would quickly move up the ranks; being promoted to screenwriter and then editor. She quickly become skilled at editing and director James Cruz would use her for many of his films. After working on almost 50 films, Arzner would threaten to move studios if she wasn’t given a chance to direct. By 1927, her studio allowed her to direct her first film, Fashions for Women. The film would financially do well and after this, she held a reputation within hollywood as a talented filmmaker. During the filming of the Clara Bow talkie The Wild Party, Arzner would be credited with inventing the boom mike by attaching a microphone to a fishing rod. But she would not patent the design and Edmund H. Hansen would get the credit with inventing a similar deceive a year later. With this film, she would also become the first woman to direct a sound film. Many of her films would do very well commercially including The Wild Party. She would leave Paramount (Famous player was bought out by Paramount) after The Wild Party and make a number of films independently for different studios. Some of these films would be The Bride Wore Red (1937), Christopher Strong (1933), and Dance Girl Dance (1940). By 1943, Arzner would grow disillusioned with Hollywood and leave the studio system for good. She would direct a number of short films for the war effort during WWII, direct Pepsi commercials, and teach filmmaking at UCLA and the Pasadena Playhouse.

Due to her own personal sexuality and relationships (Arzner has been rumored to have affairs with numerous actresses such as  Alla Nazimova and Billie Burke and held a lifetime relationship with choreographer Marion Morgan) her films often held lesbian undertones and themes of female empowerment. She was one of the few female directors of 1930s that was able to work successfully within the studio system and her films have had a lasting impact on the art of film. 

Fun fact: PG doesn’t like showing himself sad to others. He’s the kind of person who hides his true feelings behind a smile when he’s feeling down.

But Mike has learnt to read him, and whenever he feels there’s something weird going on with PG, he talks to him and digs out the truth.

Now Mike is the only person PG allows himself to cry to. 

Can you laugh?
Mikey onii chan and Clover ✿◕ ‿ ◕✿
Can you laugh?

“Can you laugh?”

Sooo here’s another daddy-daughter-voice-acting-comic-thingy done by Mikey onii chan aka hyroolianwarrior / mike-with-a-microphone and me!

Arigatou daddy soo soo much >//w///< I love it when we voice act these things together! Hope we can do more together soon!

Sorry we couldn’t voice that guy who say, “You done fucked up Mike" 

It was sort of a rushed process uwu

Anyway the lovely idea came from Chandra chan aka the-new-security-guard

I absolutely adore her comics, especially with the baby marionette eee >//w///<!

So, have a nice daaaay ◕3◕! We love you all <3!

Mike Schmidt voiced by hyroolianwarrior / mike-with-a-microphone

Baby Marionette voiced by luckynekoprincess

Art comic by the-new-security-guard


Studio|| Mini Series|| Omaha Boys

I’ve just recently moved to the center LA to pursue my music career and my dancing career. I’ve been dreaming about this day since I was 14 and now that i’m 20 and i’ve saved my money, I can do what I love. I just recently signed with Freshlee Records, I was about to be their first girl rapper/ R&B artist. I already was familiar with everyone in the label since I had been a fan since the very beginning, but to now be known as one of them, that was a true dream come true.


Today I get to work on my music in the studio and I was pretty excited. My Freshlee manager Mike, was gonna help me out today just to show me the ropes, even though i’ve been working in a music studio since I was 16. I quickly put on my black leggings, a plain white tee, a UCLA sweatshirt and white adidas, then quickly put my hair up in a messy bun and put on a little makeup.  I grab my purse and my car keys and head down to the studio.

I get to the studio about 20 minutes later, due to the traffic. I walk into the studio and I see the one and only Nate ‘Skate’ Maloley with his crew. My heart started to beat fast. Nate was every girls dream. He was good looking, had a heart and was very passionate, although according to some fans ‘hes a man whore’. I would never imagine it but whatever. I put my purse on the couch and I walk over to my manager Mike, who was just messing with the soundboard while Nate was in the booth.

“aye Mike” I say.

“sup Natalia, ready for your first day” mike asks.

“damn right I am. When is…” I looked up and Nate was staring at me.

“did you hear me Natalia?” mike asks.

“what, no, sorry”

“I said, Nate will be done right about now” and then the door opened to the booth and out walked Nate. I looked away. Our intense star off was enough to put me in a coma.

“those were some sick beats Mike” Nate says. his voice was even sexier in person, shit.  Nate put his hand on my should for a split second to get to the couch behind me. I nearly died.

“ready Natalia?” mike asks. I nod. I walk in the booth and look out at mike, who is currently talking to Nate. I cant hear what they are saying, sound proof glass.

“yo dumbass, can we get this going,  i’ve got some bars I wanna spit” I yell at mike. I look at mike and he is laughing and he gives me a thumbs up. I start spitting some bars.

These emotional ass industry rap motherfuckers

I can’t see straight

Bad muthafuckas, six wanted hustlers

Right now, right

Might not be alright

Goddamn, he tried to break fast

I know this relationship just ain’t gonna last

I finish that little rap and I look up.

“Damn Natalia, got some bars” mike says into the microphone. I just stand there and smile. my eyes get a side glance of Nate and he is lookin at mike, then looking at me. I get a shy smile. Nate walks to the microphone and speaks.

“Natalia, right?” Nate pauses. I nod.

“thats impressive ma” Nate says. I smile. Mike signals for me to come out of the booth. I walk out and mike grabs my hand and walks me over to Nate.

“y’all needa be introduced. Nate this is Natalia, Natalia this is Nate.” Mike says. I put my hand out to shake and Nate does a slap-up. luckly I mostly hung out with guys in HS or id be screwed.

“nice to meet ya ma” Nate says.

“nice to meet ya too” I smile.

“crap I gotta go to a meeting, Nate can you just show Natalia the ropes for me?” mike says.

“sure man” Nate says.

“sorry Natalia, ill talk to you later” mike says. I nod and he walks out the door.

“alright, were do I start” Nate chuckles.

“not sure I needa be shown, i’ve worked in a studio since I was 16.” I say.