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im thinking about my friends kind semi old self insert au for one of his fandoms and these were our ocs (mine are the microphone dude and the one with the bug hairpin)

Green Day performances in 1990-1991: mainly Billie dancing or making honking noises into the microphone, mike probably isn’t wearing a shirt, Billie switched from honking noises to screeching, the crowd is yelling at them to play a goddamn song already but Billie won’t stop mumbling gibberish into the mic, lots of pacing, grainy quality and very dark, tre probably kisses Billie a few times, mike spends so much time head banging with hair in his face you forget he has eyes under that fucking mop


Danielle Rocks by Peter Kelly


Significant Women in Film History: 1930s

Dorothy Arzner (1897-1979)

Dorothy Arzner was born in San Fransisco but would spent her childhood in Los Angeles. There her father would run a restaurant popular with actors and filmmakers from Hollywood. Although Arzner originally had dreams of being a doctor, by the end of the first world war she would switch her goals to filmmaking. By 1919 she would get her first job in Hollywood as a stenographer at Famous Players but would quickly move up the ranks; being promoted to screenwriter and then editor. She quickly become skilled at editing and director James Cruz would use her for many of his films. After working on almost 50 films, Arzner would threaten to move studios if she wasn’t given a chance to direct. By 1927, her studio allowed her to direct her first film, Fashions for Women. The film would financially do well and after this, she held a reputation within hollywood as a talented filmmaker. During the filming of the Clara Bow talkie The Wild Party, Arzner would be credited with inventing the boom mike by attaching a microphone to a fishing rod. But she would not patent the design and Edmund H. Hansen would get the credit with inventing a similar deceive a year later. With this film, she would also become the first woman to direct a sound film. Many of her films would do very well commercially including The Wild Party. She would leave Paramount (Famous player was bought out by Paramount) after The Wild Party and make a number of films independently for different studios. Some of these films would be The Bride Wore Red (1937), Christopher Strong (1933), and Dance Girl Dance (1940). By 1943, Arzner would grow disillusioned with Hollywood and leave the studio system for good. She would direct a number of short films for the war effort during WWII, direct Pepsi commercials, and teach filmmaking at UCLA and the Pasadena Playhouse.

Due to her own personal sexuality and relationships (Arzner has been rumored to have affairs with numerous actresses such as  Alla Nazimova and Billie Burke and held a lifetime relationship with choreographer Marion Morgan) her films often held lesbian undertones and themes of female empowerment. She was one of the few female directors of 1930s that was able to work successfully within the studio system and her films have had a lasting impact on the art of film. 

The Pollywog

To the wonderful anon who requested a fic based on this new still. Thanks anon! Hope you enjoy!

“Holy shit! You should have seen the look on all your faces!”

The panic rushing into Mike’s chest paused as he realized it was only Max under that horrifying mask, obviously smug about her successful scare. That familiar irritation he felt whenever she made his friends laugh, which was often, crept up on him and he turned away rolling his eyes, huffing loud enough to make a point. 

It wasn’t that he didn’t like Max—sure, she was cool and she took Dustin down a notch when it came to the arcade. But the way he saw it, there was a hole that had been left in their group the night Elev—she—disappeared. And no matter how awesome the other guys insisted Max was, no matter how awesome Mike refused to admit she was, she would never, ever, fill that space. 

“You’re nuts!” Dustin was saying, and Mike could hear the huge, enamoured grin on his lips from the tone in his voice. It was the way he sounded pretty much every time he talked to Max. 

“I think you gave Will a heart attack.” That was Lucas, speaking amusedly as he wrapped an arm around Will’s trembling shoulder. “You okay?”

For a moment, worry washed over Max’s features—had she gone too far, again?—but as soon as Will nodded, insisting he was fine and the prank was great, she started laughing, once more thrilled at their horror.

“How have you nerds been doing for candy?“ 

"Everyone in this town is obsessed with Three Musketeers,” Lucas picked back up his complaint from moments earlier. Max nodded, shaking her own pumpkin basket to indicate she was having the same problem.

“Old people love that nougat shit,” she shrugged. “But the McCarthys down the road are giving out full sized bars. I got a Kit-Kat.”

Words were exchanged, alterations made to the execution of their trick-or-treating route, and the group began the trek back to the McCarthy place on Pickett Street, Mike bringing up the rear, dragging his feet along sullenly. He was more than a little annoyed at how quickly the map he had spent hours designing was cast aside in favour of Max’s suggestion—even if it mean full sized chocolate. 

He couldn’t help, despite his efforts to focus his thoughts elsewhere, the insidious reflections that preyed on his mind as he watched Dustin and Max lead the group toward their new destination. 

It should be Eleven here with us. She should be the one trick-or-treating and eating chocolate and—it’s not fair. 

Mike’s thoughts, and the progress of the group, stopped dead as Dustin rounded the corner onto Pickett, freezing in his tracks and causing Max to unceremoniously stumble into him.

“What the—” She never finished her question, interrupted by Dustin’s whispered Abort. But it was too late. 

“Nice pyjamas losers.” Troy and his group of mouthbreathers—which had grown substantially since he started high school last month—stood leaning against fences, picking through pillowcases that clearly were not their own. “Do your mommies know you’re out this late?”

“Buzz off, Troy.” Max took a step forward, ahead of Dustin, and glared at the bully she knew had tormented her new friends for years. Mike, watched with apprehension, was flooded with painful memories of the last girl he knew who had stood up to Troy—on a cool autumn day amidst dirt and rock.


He swallowed the tears that pushed at the corners of his eyes and inched closer to Will, who was always targeted the most.

“What’d you say, bitch?” Troy smirked in Max’s direction, stepping up to within inches of her face. “How about this? You and your dorks leave the candy here and walk away. Or, you can pick whose ass I kick first.” 

“Not going to happen,” Lucas spat, following Max’s lead and stepping forward. They stood, shoulder-to-shoulder, glaring at Troy, whose face contorted in anger for a moment before he shrugged nonchalantly. It was a gesture that sent shivers down Mike’s spine. He noticed, sweat forming on his palms, how Troy’s friends began approaching, closing them in from all sides. 

They had no choice. “Run!” Mike called out, the word ringing out in the crisp air, bringing his friends’ attention back to their situation. 

And then they were running, desperate for escape. Lucas led the way, Max hanging back and checking her speed so as not to leave Dustin or Will too far behind. 

Somewhere on Merchant Lane, Lucas ducked into a backyard hedge and the sound of angry and amused shouts bearing down on them disappeared for a moment, allowing them to regroup. 

“Plan,” Lucas began, “We’ll head over to the school, loop around the football field, then double back to the Hendersons to call home.” 

It was a good plan and would have likely gone off without a hitch had they not nearly run in to Troy and his cronies hanging out behind the school. 

“What are we going to do?” Mike asked, exasperated. He was ready to go home, curl up in his bed, and fiddle with his radio until falling asleep, as he usually did. 

“We could hide in the school?” Will suggested, “Wait for them to leave?” 

“How are we gonna get in?” Dustin asked, his whisper the loudest of any of theirs, “The doors are locked.”

“Mike can pick locks, right?” 

Mike, hearing his name, nodded vaguely. Five costumed kids crept around the outside of the school to the side door where Mike, pulling a safety pin from the sleeve of his costume, worked on the lock and shouldering the door open—just the way Nancy had taught him. 

Though it was only fifteen minutes, it felt like hours passed inside the school, despite their efforts to speed up the time by trading candy. 

“We should go check if they’re still there,” Dustin suggested. Lucas raised an eyebrow at him. 

“Be our guest.” 

Rolling his eyes, Dustin got to his feet and put on an air of mock bravery. “If I’m not back in five minutes, assume the worst.”

Groans went around the group as Dustin stalked off, eager to find out if they could finally get out of here. He wanted to go home and share a bag of Cheezies with Herman, like he did on every Halloween. 

When he ducked out of the school, into the dimly lit yard, Dustin was relieved to see that their pursuers had moved on. He was about to turn on his heel, to hurry back to the AV Room and share the good news, when a rustling in the trash can caught his eye.

What the—

“Guys! Guys! Holy shit, guys!” 

Dustin ran, as fast and as carefully as the cargo now contained in his Proton Pack would allow, watching as two heads—Will and Max peeked out of the AV Room door. 

“What’s wrong?” Will asked, concern on his face already, “Did they see you?” 

Dustin was nearly breathless by the time he reached them, chest heavy with want of air and excitement. “No. They’re gone but—”

“If they’re gone let’s get out of here!” Max exclaimed. 

“You don’t get it!” Dustin managed to gasp out. “I found a—well a thing!” 

Max looked at him blankly as Lucas and Mike came up behind her, their faces etched with confusion. 

“What’s going on?” Mike asked, his tone exasperated. 

“Dustin found a thing,” Max answered flatly.

Dustin held out his Proton Pack. “Just come with me!” He ushered them all inside the AV Room and placed the tiny painted box on a hastily cleared surface. “Just look!”

And so they did. Five sets of eyes, fixed on the prop laid out before them. For a long moment, nothing happened and Dustin worried that he had killed the little creature inside in all his rush. 

Lucas was the first to speak, ready to announce that it was time to go home. “This is st—” 

His words were interrupted by the box on the table violently jerking, a low but audible screeching coming from inside. 

“What the hell is in there?” Max asked, leaning over the box with curiosity. 

Dustin leaned forward as well, followed by each of his other friends in turn. “I think it’s a lizard,” he muttered, “Found it in the trash.”

“Well,” Mike watched apprehensively as the box lurched again, his hand instinctively reaching for something—grabbing on the Heathkit microphone for defence. “Should we open it?” 

“I don’t know if that’s a good idea,” Will said quietly, avoiding the eyes of his friends, keeping his gaze fixed directly on the box. “What if it’s dangerous?”

“It’s a lizard,” Lucas’s voice was eager and interested, “How dangerous could it be?”

As if in response, the box gave another jolt, another low screech. Then the only sound was the rapid beating of five nervous hearts. 

“Just open it,” Max instructed, her knuckles white from gripping the edge of the table. 

“Okay, okay.” Dustin reached out and carefully—oh so carefully—lifted the lid of the Proton Pack, the tension thick in the air. 

Eagerly and anxiously, they took in the small creature nestled there, Dustin’s face the only one lit up with something like fascination and admiration. Everyone else looked disbelieving. 

“That’s definitely not a lizard,” Mike mumbled, setting the microphone down on the table. 

Max nodded her agreement emphatically. “Definitely not.”

Fun fact: PG doesn’t like showing himself sad to others. He’s the kind of person who hides his true feelings behind a smile when he’s feeling down.

But Mike has learnt to read him, and whenever he feels there’s something weird going on with PG, he talks to him and digs out the truth.

Now Mike is the only person PG allows himself to cry to. 

anonymous asked:

Is Microphone secretly Mike Wazowski?

Ladies and gentlemen, our first and only anonymous question.
Can’t say I’m surprised with the outcome.
To answer your question (and it may shock you): no.
And that concludes our answers to anonymous questions. I’m turning it right back off.

Ask any burning (and ungodly stupid) questions while you can, folks.
Communication (Kismet diner).

Note: this drabble is COMPLETELY based on a cornetto TV spot called Kismet diner. Check the final notes for more information.

Petra was a girl who worked in a small cafeteria in downtown.  It was a cozy place that offered tasty food, and many clients visited the place during lunch and dinner hours. In order to pay for her college studies, the girl worked in this cafeteria, which was almost like her second home, since she spent her afternoons there, using her little breaks to do her homework and study.

Aside of being a nice and cheerful girl, Petra had a lovely singing voice and yet, she was very shy to do it in public. One day, Mike, the cafeteria’s owner, heard her singing a melodious song, and he was very surprised after discovering her talent, so he decided to do something about it.

After several weeks, Mike managed to convince Petra to sing one or two songs for the clients, during dinner time. That way, she could earn some extra tips for her own, and perhaps, overcome her shyness to sing.

The next Thursday, Mike got a microphone and a small speaker, so Petra could sing something when the place was crowded enough.

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Tony And Mike's Uptown Funk Sing-Off

The most heavily requested of moments to be put up from the stream last night (like I think literally EVERYONE requested it). Tony’s half came out of nowhere and then everyone asked Mike to give it a whirl.

I’ll put up some stream highlights between questions in the near future, since not everyone could make it. For those who made it, thank you for making it awesome!!!