mike mauser

E-Man #3 (June 1974)

Actually this is the reprint from a few years later, by a company called Modern Comics.

I had a few of these as a kid. There was a Caldor a few towns over from where I grew up and they used to sell those three-packs of comics. One facing front, one facing back, and one in the middle that you couldn’t see at all. Mostly they were Charlton titles, including The Blue Beetle and Captain Atom.

This was also the first Joe Staton art I’d ever seen, and I wouldn’t see him again for a while. I think he did some work for First and I know he did a lot of stuff for DC Comics.

This issue is the first appearance of Mike Mauser, who took on a life of his own afterwards. 

I like Nova’s silhouette in the middle panel above.

Between Mauser and Boar (below), I hope Staton got a chance to draw Mole Man for Marvel at some point. He would’ve been perfect for it.