mike makowski

You guys seemed to like my last headcanons post, so I made some more! Let me know what you think!

-Doesn’t believe in marriage, but is very much into the Gothic Wedding Aesthetic™
-Hates super vulgar/sexual talk (which Henrietta always uses)
-He and Henrietta are literally always bickering about something and yet are somehow still best friends
-As serious as he usually is, he can whine like a motherfucker when he’s especially annoyed
-Can wear the hell out of a nice suit

-Tried making his own bolo ties once - it did not go well
-Accidentally died hair pink once and fortheloveofgoddontbringitup
-Believes you have to watch/listen to something before hating it and consequently knows way too much about pop culture
-Probably spends Sundays watching The Dog Whisperer in his pajamas
-Is actually pretty chubby

-Casually calls herself fat, but will probably disembowel you if you do it
-“Gorillaz really isn’t that bad, you guys”
-Hates selfie-addicts with a passion
-Is a super picky eater
-Gets jealous really easily (even over totally trivial things)

-Is 100% into edgy cemetery photoshoots
-His parents thinks he still likes Barney (he never liked Barney) so his closet is stuffed with Barney merch
-Wants to be a brooding drunk but is honestly such a lightweight it’s ridiculous
-No matter where you’re meeting up, he’ll get there first
-Is the best gamer in the group

Bonus: Mike “Vampir” Makowski
-Actually enjoys vamp movies other than Twilight, unlike many of his followers
-Became incredibly uncomfortable with the title “minions” after Despicable Me
-“For the millionth time, I’m not gay!”
-Is very gay but his peers are mean af so he keeps it lowkey
-Called himself “Vampire Goth” once and the goths egged his house

This started out as one of those expression meme things and then I just blew it way out of proportion like I always do. Which means by the end of the process I was begging for the sweet release of death. Link to the expression meme I used, in case anyone’s interested.