mike macdougal

Baseball stats are stupid

Identify the pitcher above who caused the Dodgers to lose, 2-1, against the Brewers tonight.

One guy (No. 56) faced Prince Fielder and walked him on a 3-2 count.

The other guy (No. 66) faced three batters, allowing a walk and two hits, including the one that plated the winning run in the ninth inning.

Yet, when you look at the box score, the big L is next to Hong-Chih Kuo’s name because he just happened to face the first batter of the inning, the same one who was his “responsibility” when Mike MacDougal came to the mound with a gas can.

As shitty as Kuo has been this year, even I don’t think he’s shitty enough to allow a hit to Casey McGehee on the first pitch, walk Yuniesky Betancourt (when all he’s trying to do is give you an out with a sac bunt) on four pitches and allow a single on the first pitch to Mark Kotsay.

So now you understand why Kuo is so ticked off in the picture above. Not only does he get the loss, but the earned run is also charged to him, which explains why a turd like MacDougal can still have a sparkling ERA of 2.25 this season.