mike lu og

Cartoon Network Forever 

there are exactly 4 cartoon art styles from the late 90s/early 2000′s:

1. upa inspired (fairly oddparents, powerpuff girls, dexters lab etc)

2. klasky-csupo (rocket power, as told by ginger etc) or k-c esque (generation o, mike lu and og, mona the vampire etc)

3. anime inspired (teen titans, martin mystery, totally spies etc)

4. teacher’s pet

Cartoon Cartoons Fridays by ssgba380
CN has gotten so bad, I stared downloading and watching all their old shows, commercials and bumpers from a decade ago. They put so much effort, fun and creativity into building the CN world, including the commercial breaks, having us and their shows interact with each other (personal favorite era was CN City!) We’ll always have the memories of classics…😉

Woah. I’m watching this video tape I made of Cartoon Network and Mike, Lu & Og is on it. I completely forgot that was on Cartoon Network back in 2001 which is when I think I recorded this.

Also has a ton of fun commercials for OxiClean and Ionic Purifers.