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You know what I love? The fact that these three share the same English VA

Thank you Mike McFarland for voicing my precious undercut sporting, Jean named assholes I LOVE MY JEANS

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i was originally trying to do “Getting Away With Murder” things, but I ended up drawing D&D AU,

  • Vincent - DM
  • Scott (Phone Guy) - That guy who knows every single rule from every single version.
  • Mike - The guy who Leroy Jenkins everything
  • Jeremy - That one player who always plays female elves
  • Fritz - The guy who brings all the messy snacks that results in everyone’s character sheets having Cheeto finger marks.

They all probably play at Scott’s place.

rebornica I swear this is the last AU i come up with. 

I also made it in Photoshop. I wanted to play around with the new pencil brush I downloaded.

EDIT: I forget the stubble in the one panel. oops.