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The Fosters returns on Freeform January 25, 2016, 8pm! :) 

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The Fosters appreciation post

A lot of people haven’t heard of this amazing show, myself included until just recently. I’d like to take a minute to highlight some aspects of this show.

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Something that bothers me when people hate on brandon for being jealous of the the relationship between mike and aj is that people need to realize the show has never really showed how broken the relationship between brandon and mike is.

The show has always showed mike making effort with Brandon but people need to realize in the fosters world it’s only been about 6 months (if I remembered that correctly since Callie came)

Making an effort in 6 months doesn’t not make up for 16 years of abandonment and resentfulness of choosing a bottle over choosing his son. Mikes struggles with alcohol plays a big role in their broken relationship but people seem to forget about that because mike overcame it in season 1 which to fans seems like such a long time go BUT ITS REALLY ONLY BEEN 6 MONTHS. Mikes efforts are a stepping stone but it has not solved the whole issue

And yes mike has supported brandon many times especially for a his love of piano but mike literally never gives Brandon that time of day. In the 1st season it was alcoholism in the 2nd it was Dani and Ana and now it’s aj. I don’t support Brandon’s actions in tonight’s episodes but I do understand the need to protect his dad from more damaging situations.

I’m not hating on mike. I’m a huge fan of his character and I love him with both aj and Brandon. But he should have checked in with Brandon when he decided to foster aj. Mike really should be focused on fixing that broken relationship instead of throwing himself into a new one with considering his sons feelings.

People may think I have no clue what I’m talking about but as someone who is 17 with divorced parents I completely relate to Brandon’s struggles. So people really need to chill with the hate on him.