mike kline


The amazing artist Natasha Kline not only storyboarded this EPIC section of episode 111 (directed by Amy Winfrey), as you’ll see above she also cleaned up her work for animation. She’s a triple threat! 

What? I only named two things? Oh, yeah, well she’s also a world class Line Dancer. TRIPLE THREAT!

This House is Protected by Neighborhood Watch

by mldrgrl

Rated: PG-13

Summary: Mulder and Scully spent four nights investigating the disappearances in Arcadia Falls.  So, what happened?

Night 1

If he was going to be spending his nights on the couch, he hoped the bureau had sprung for cable.  It took him awhile to hook up the TV and he had to set it on top of a cardboard box to see it properly, but he got it working.

He channel surfed for nearly an hour, displeased with the meager selections.  It seemed like nothing but infomercials and more informercials.  He wasn’t sure about the rest of the world, but he was definitely suspicious of anyone that wanted a knife that could cut through a penny.  And were people really still falling for the Thigh-Master?

Mulder clicked off the TV and sighed, settling into the lumpy cushions.  His couch at home was a lot more comfortable than the frou frou suburban chic nightmare he was laying on.  Too bad he couldn’t have the bureau ship his over, but leather was probably against the CC&Rs anyway.  Sighing again, he closed his eyes and crossed his arms.

With the TV off, the house was quieter than he was accustomed to.  No sounds of traffic outside.  No sounds of pipes rattling.  It was almost unnerving.  It made his thoughts sound too loud in his head.  Suddenly, he heard a scuffling and he sat up, alert.

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